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•everything the light touches is our kingdom•

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Just CHILLIN’...Happy two year anniversary Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire!!! Here’s one of the most recent photos I took at MRFF a couple weeks ago!!! ✨

Happy Father’s Day to the man that stepped in and the mom that stepped up. I love you both more than you’ll ever know. .
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If Dino Chip and Dale aren't the cutest things you've ever seen, you're lying 😩💚💜 #chipanddale #animalkingdom #wdw #waltdisneyworld #characters #dinosaurs #chipmunks #adorable #disneysidecast #daysoff #orlando #florida #disneycrp

I’ll take a boat ride on Bay Lake any day

Jumping for toys 🎲🎢 #slinkydogdash #magicbackstage #disneysidecast

Father’s Day cupcake for Animal Kingdom. Vanilla cake filled with chocolate ganache, caramel, and sea salt.

Happy Birthday to the show we all love, Mickeys Royal Friendship Faire! Thank you so much for 2 year amazing years filled with love, happiness, magic, friendship, and most importantly family. I love you LINKS❤️⛓🏰

Thanks Carnivale for making my mood 1000× better whenever you started playing... could never NOT smile while dancing along.😊 Thank you for letting me be a part of your Nature Family 🌳🍃🐦🎶 #dak #animalkingdom #discoveryisland #vivagaia #carnivale #disneyworld #disneysidecast #hastaquesalgasol #getsomethingandwave #mydailyworkout #breakaway #naturefamily

Ever feel like you just need a day? Well, take that day! Take a baby staycation! Relax! You deserve it! Sometimes a nap is the most magical thing!✨

Work it girl!! 💚

This goofball has my ❤️

"The Leviathan shows up in one other place in #PrinceEricsVillage... any guesses where?" The details in this gorgeous map are breathtaking! It's in the marketplace area right across from #UnderTheSea. The Leviathan and Sirens Song details are taken from the Little Mermaid ride. The Dragon is modeled after the fire breathing dragon that flew over New Fantasyland during the grand reveal. And all the ships on the map are named for the Disney Cruise Line!
I just adore the storytelling experience in New Fantasyland 😍

True Disney Stories: Kids rarely say hi back to me, but when they do...

Take me to the Zoo. ⠀

Song: Animals by Neon Trees (No, I did not choose this song intentionally and yes, I did laugh way too long when I realized it)⠀

This is my cardio session every Saturday, and every saturday I can see how much strong I've gotten, how much higher my jumps are or how much lower my pushups are... it's no mistake Autumn knew what she was doing. ⠀

Who wants jump around like an animal with me on Saturday mornings? ⠀

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