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Federico Fellini on set for 8 1/2, 1963 photo #TazioSecchiaroli /David Secchiaroli on show at the #exhibition “Tazio Secchiaroli: uno sguardo particolare” opening tomorrow @still_fotografia #vintagephoto #blackandwhitephotography #setphoto #8emezzo #fellini #mostremilano #cultmovie #director #jump

The last one from the music video shoot. @potpotmedia took this shot with my fujix100f.

Absinthe Drinker 1858 by Édouard Manet. Born on this day.

Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010), Darren Aronofsky

“O Florista” – Curta-Metragem – Roteiro e Direção: Filipi Silveira – Produção: Cerrado's Filmes e Zion Filmes – 2012
“The Florist” – Short Film – Screenwriter and Director: Filipi Silveira – Production: Cerrado's Filmes and Zion Filmes – 2012

Archidona, Napo. Antes de la función del grupo de teatro amazónico "Ñucanchik Kawsay" que conformé y dirigí en 2014, una gran experiencia.
#tbt #amazonia #amazonbasin #selva #teatromusical #teatro #director #actinglife #actorslife #actor #dance #tradition #amazontraditions #kichwa #teatrokichwa #mestizala #afroamerindio #lamestiza #2014 #intercultural #amazonico #napo #archidona #teatroantropologico

@catandking_official SS18 ♦️📹♦️
Directed by @purtypat
Designers @kittyinacity & @smking_521
Model @pavel_rn & @iriree
Stylist @angelavanderstraeten
Hair & make up @sashahere
Stylist assistant @gab__bae
Music by @god_dragon.azn




Accomplished by end of production

1.Website – A website created before end of production to promote the world and set up merchandizing strategy as well as already planned sequel film. Beautiful art of the City of Blood with break down and description of different parts of the City and history of world and city. Bio descriptions of all the characters with photos of actors in costume with green screen backgrounds to build up interest from The Candy Man to the The Shark and Preacher to the Spider and Lucy and Thomas, all 20 something major roles. Also a section of future goals such as collectible action figures and a video game and clothing in addition to the ability to purchase the Calender.

2. Calender – The Calender Ladies of Blade and Blood which will be shot during production and done by end of production to help promote and sell and build the world of film. Lucy to Sasha to The Spider and Lilith etc... Future goals

1. Partner up with a collectible action figure company to be sold through website action figures of all 20 something major roles. Goal is to start with a few of the major ones then expanding out.

2.Partner with a clothing merch company to have shirts, mugs, etc depicting different characters and world and film and City of Blood. To also work with our costumer to make replicas of Character costuming for people to buy.

3. Partner with an indie video game company to create the video game Blade and Blood which follows story of film and allows people to play the role of Thomas and customize their character into either the skills of Blood, Shadow or Blade or a mix of such and kill the 7 killers of the City of Blood and clean up the crime and corruption in a living breathing world that changes based on player's decisions via Batman Arkham style.

4. Partner up with a prop company to create replicas of Goddess blade and Thomas Goddess Mask to sell through website as well as the armor and blades of the Emperor's soldiers. #glasscock
#director #franchise #strategy #brand

Congratulations James Mangold 🏆 Nominee for the 90th Academy Awards in the Best Adapted Screenplay #logan #oscar #nominated #writers #screenplay #mintedcontent #director

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