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Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful humans to grace this world #Dilbert'sMidlifeCrisis

por scott adams #scottadams #dilbert

Start with intention. I am intending to relax after morning yoga before heading to church with @okemosspartans . Even on weekends, I like to start early with intentional morning ritual. I pray before getting out of bed. Then a short yoga flow keeps me flexible throughout the day and helps center my mind. I usually dont workout on Sunday, and recovery is important. I then drink as much coffee as possible....••••••••• glance at the headlines and read the comics in their full-color glory! #morningritual #yoga #coffee #comics #dilbert

A coffee , a gringo comics in a Berlin rainy day are much better than a sunny day at work !!! #berlin #iloveberlin #dilbert #coffee #rain

I got my 2018 #Dilbert calendars already because I live in the future. You'll have to wait for yours. Also, in the future we have a way to send Instagram photos back to the past. But only a few months back. It's new technology.

Quirky and different book on "success" by the creator of Dilbert comics. In brief:
📚 Get your health right. Eat so you can exercise and exercise so you've energy to work.
📚 Manage your happiness. Work hard at building skills and resources, control your schedule and contribute to others well being.
📚 Focus on systems and processes, not the result. Results are largely outside of your control whereas systems aren't. A thought that's echoed by many great leaders/coaches.
📚Failure isn't a bad thing, as long as you learn from it. You're going to fail at lots of things, but this can lead to many unexpected upsides.
#learning #reading #dilbert #happiness #success

Lolz. How I can tell I'm appreciated at my job. I've reached a #dilbert reference. #qalife #techproblems


Don't kill your friends.
Don't be a Dilbert.

@reidlair71 This made me think of you today 😭🤣Hope you're having a good day! Only two more to go 💉 #dilbert

#Coffee replaces certain things in life. #dilbert

Panel 3 #dilbert 😂😂😂. Hope you didn't tead this first. See panel 1&2.

Panel 2 #dilbert

Panel 1 #dilbert

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