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Bonsoir ma team !! 💕

J'espère que vous vous êtes bien entraînés aujourd'hui ? Pour moi c'était grosse séance Dos ce matin + cardio 💪🏽 maintenant c'est l'heure du repos tant attendu devant un bon film 😍😌
Passez une bonne soirée !! 🌙✨😽

FOCUS on yourself
This is KEY
If you can't diverge your attention to your own goals and ideas then you'll most likely going to stay stagnant.
What other people think of you doesn't mean anything, what's IMPORTANT is what you think of yourself
Only God can truly judge you
So why be so star struck about other people's idea/opinion of what they think they know ?
If someone doesn't know you on a personal level then why spend more than 5 seconds on that ? -
Drop it and move on
I used to focus on others opinions of me, but when I flipped the switch to not care was the moment I became free to do what I wanted care free. -
The reality is you can't please everyone -
The sooner you realize that truth, the sooner you can start living life
It's all starts with focusing on you "Ignore the noise, focus on the work"- Bill Belichick
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Squats and grunts😈
Dynamic effort squats at 75% is no joke 😳
@pioneer_fit belt, you save me👋🏼

A little transformation Tuesday. All those nights in the gym will pay off. Be consistent with your nutrition and work your ass off & the results will come👊🏻 #transformationtuesday


Well that was interesting...first weighted pack workout at the range, perfect weather, not perfect shooting but that's why you keep at it...also a nice little training obstacle tonight - no wind and skeeters- a bit early but made it feel like huntin' ! #hardworkpaysoffs #keephammering #dothework #elevationfitnesstraining #traintohunt #believeinyourself #perserverance #determined #happy #lifeisgood #blessed #HowIConquer #mtnops #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #IamSportsman

Expect more from yourself and you'll be surprised at how you deliver, as evident by how big #Walmart is! 🌎 ⠀
✌️ Double tap if you have #highexpectations and tag a friend.⠀
💬 Sam Walton | Founder @walmart

I honestly can't remember the last time I felt like this.. I feel absolutely amazing! The second I stepped into the studio I knew I was going to love it. I'll now be attending weekly meditation classes. I just feel like a different person, I feel amazing! My body is so relaxed, and I'm really happy! Namaste💕 -Chloe

Office looks this way every night before I leave. Clear desk. Clears the mind for creativity.
#organized #determined #value

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