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I LOVE HER SO MUCH😭❤ Thank God for @celinedion


Robin was my favourite in this scene omg I loved her lines 😂😂❤️👭

have a great evening everyone 😇❤️

[scene rights are going to ABC Studios, edit is completely mine 🍎] –
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Did you know that @theandreaparker was on #DesperateHousewives playing the girlfriend of Tom Scavo whose name is Doug Savant in real life and he's married to Laura Leighton (Ashley Marin on #PLL 😊)? I'm currently rewatching DH and I can't wait to get to see season 8 with Andrea. I hate her character but she's so awesome. 😄💜

That awkward moment when you realize this is the show that started it all. Did y'all like #DesperateHousewives?

Juanita Solis (Desperate Housewives) a 15 ans ! #desperatehousewives 🎂

[desperate housewives]
when one of your friends tells you that they like your crush🤷🏻‍♀️
— do u watch desperate housewives? if yes, who's your favorite friendship? mine's probably gabby&lynette


Van ennek egyszerűbb módja is..✋😂 #iadore #desperatehousewives #again

Lol story of my life 🙋🏼😂 #desperatehousewives #gaygeek #gaymer #gay #homo #instagay

Il bene che vi voglio!! #Family 👪❤

🍎Das letzte Pokerspiel🍎 Teil 3

Brutta cosa il ferro da stiro, lo dice pure Sissi 😷

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🍎Das letzte Pokerspiel🍎 Teil 2

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