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#designthinking #CompetitionEntry Desert Habitat
Part 2/3
The 500 acre settlement has been designed to be net-zero enabled, with 125 acres of self-sufficient xeriscaping. An additional experiential layer is added in the form of a 3 kilometre long continuous, self-sustainable eco-channel with an uninterrupted pedestrian precinct, across the site. This waterway takes inspiration from the Indian ghats (broad flight of steps leading down to water), to create quality recreational and cultural places on the waterfront. The large waterway aids in evaporative cooling, to create a microclimate on site that offsets the harsh desert climate of Dubai.
Strategies to generate series of micro-climates to enable some level of indoor-outdoor living essential to Indian lifestyles, have been incorporated. The arrangement of residential blocks are reminiscent of the close packed low-rise, high-density living format in India, facilitating high community engagement. The resultant small, self-shaded, pedestrianised segments are preferred due to the adverse heat in the region.

💡Les possibilitats del #designthinking són infinites i aplicables a totes les etapes educatives. Els docents del @saintgeorgeschool_girona utilitzem el mètode a la formació de #mschoolseduhack de #mschools @eduhack2017

The role model for the eleventh generation of the #Opel compact class car, the Astra, was the visionary Monza Concept presented at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, that gave a preview of what to expect from future Opel models and reflects efficiency with every component and every design feature.
The Opel #Astra was introduced in 2015.

Sábado é dia de afiar os instrumentos da mente e do espírito para os próximos desafios. #quetalrealizarseussonhos #designthinking #marcusbittencourt #brasil #fesp

Poached, scrambled, or 16 feet tall and gold-plated?
We meet and share ideas at the kitchen table; the people of Kiruna in Sweden get to do it here. The Solar Egg sauna by Bigert & Bergström is a conversation incubator like no other.
📷’s by Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

Smart packaging ideas help companies to draw attention! 👍😍⠀
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Cláudio da @votorantimcimentos elucidando os participantes do #hackhabite em relação aos produtos e seus usos.

#trampolimacademy #designthinking #habite

Apresentação técnica da @colab_bortolini para fomentar insumos para o andamento de projetos no #hackhabite

#habite #trampolimacademy #designthinking

We could feed millions of hungry people with the amount of food we waste. Millions. We have to be smarter and better about this. Link in bio! #food #waste #hungry #newyork #nashville #denver #compost #recycle #designthinking #future #important

Fala da #Gerdau fomentando insumos para o andamento do processo no #hackhabite

#trampolimacademy #designthinking #habite

Digital payments such as card and mobile are increasing yearly. They are changing how we perceive money and our daily spending habits. Could there be a product/service to support this digital trend?

Animer un atelier collaboratif performant, #designthinking #empathy #sketching by @maxma.io

Sábado de muito aprendizado... #DesignThinking

"Solo podemos ver a una corta distancia, pero podemos ver que hay mucho por hacer en ese tramo" #designthinking #leanstartup #innovar #emprender #startups

Sábado de muito aprendizado. #DesignThinking

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