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I'm super excited to be launching the brand new #DesignNCut on #HSN tomorrow. It is not a new ScanNCut. Rather, it's a new addition to the Brother family of crafting tools. Tune in during the 2am, 1pm, and 8pm EST hours -- watch on your TV or stream online from the HSN website. #hsncrafts #itsfunhere #designncutonhsn Also check out @brothercraftsusa for an opportunity to win some exciting prizes, including a $500 gift card!!! 💰

Cut a wide variety of materials up to 1.5mm deep with the new DesignNCut by Brother. #brothercrafts #designncut #crafting #making #makers

I love it when the postman delivers my packages early in the morning before his regular mail delivery run. Awesome customer service! 😱 Guess what arrived at my house from @hsn!!!
Yes, the new @brothercraftsusa #DesignNCut! I can't wait to play.
It's so new the box doesn't have a picture!
#scanncutcompanion #newtoys #cuttingtools #brothercraftusa

YAY🎉🎉🎉 all my projects are on air that I made for the release of the new Brother design n cut machine 🙌🏻..so fun!!! So awesome to be a sample maker for the company!! Happy crafting friends!! #hsn #brothercrafts #designncut #papercrafter #scrapbooker

I'd be lying if I said that my 2 month old isn't one of my best friends lately! And of course @kyle.t.ross is my best friend forever! #DesignNCutonHSN @brothercraftsusa @hsn #itsfunhere #DesignNCut #2monthsold #smiles #love #laughter #CraftingIsLife

Here are some images of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer with the DesignNCut crafting projects! The DesignNCut is the latest member of our cutting machine family! #BrotherCrafts #Crafting #DesignNCut #Cutting #Crafting

Check us out on the bulletin this Friday!(3/11) Be sure to tell all your friends! #sbhsdons @sbhsdons #madebydonsfordons #designncut

We can't get enough of the new Rose Gold Glitter heat transfer vinyl! 😍 Double tap if you're psyched for this color! Tips for ironing on plus the free cut file can be found on the Siser Blog- just click the link in our bio 😁


Cut a wide variety of materials up to 1.5mm deep with the new DesignNCut by Brother. #brothercrafts #designncut #crafting #making #makers

Ugh! 8 gold large appliqués and 8 medium black appliqués later... I'm done with the tails till my bias tape comes in the mail. Right now they are all pinned around the skirt of the dress purely so they don't get mixed up. I have 2 more appliqués to go on the skirt cuffs and a million yards of bias tape to sew! it's getting there. I also need to find a way to make the red eyeball gems that go on gold and black eye appliqués.

I think it's pretty well organized now! I bought this new Brother design and cut so I can make custom fabric appliqués which I'm pretty excited about! I can even make pattern pieces! I'd like to get a new chair because this chair isn't so comfortable and it's supposed to go in front of my computer. Feels so much better when everything is organized!

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