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The good people of Romania were amazing. Thank you @creativefestival
Romania to Switzerland. Next stop Bern @piazzabarbern tomorrow #delinquents #delinquenthabits #itcouldberoundtwo #creativefest #piazzabar #westcoast #hiphopculture

“We are in a pickle.” - text from one of my cross country kids last night. Saw the flashing cop lights through the blinds and opened my front door to this beautiful sight (re-enacted after the two cop cars had left). This really warms my heart. #YSXC #bigdogs #delinquents #putthetoiletpaperdown

Swing and a Miss ⚾️: a lil story about my life in NYC 😁🍹☀️ #delinquents

This picture pretty much sums up the entirety of Buckner right here! A couple people ready, most completely out of it, and one guy hitting on the foreigner! Oh and the random squid doing squid things. This summer was fantastic thank you 4-4 Marine Corp! #yut #semperfi #delinquents

Clurphy, also Muffin.
I dedicate this to my friend
you know why 🙊
Development goals af
"Just because they pardoned you,
doesn't mean I have."
"Like it or not, he’s one of us."
"What did you do to my friend?"
I need Murphy and Clarke

to become friends.

Clarke needed someone at Arkadia,

someone from her people,

someone to be there for her.

Murphy was there.

Murphy was the only one that

knew what happened there.

He comforted her.

Murphy needed someone too.

And Clarke is the only one that

knew where the fuck he was.

Also little reminder that taking

care of one another is their thing.

She took care of him after

he was being tortured.

He took care of her when

her head was injured.

Last thing I want to talk about.

The final.

When Clarke saw him,

his hand in Ontari's

body to save her,

she saw how much he changed

and she was so thankful.

And Murphy.

He was so surprised to get

a "Thank you" from her.

He was genuinely happy.

I have never seen him

smile like that before.

I live for this brotp.





Yesterday #IU17 #HopLikeAQue #OhByTheWayWeWon #DelinQUEnts 🐶💜👅💛


I find no humor in letting yourself stray away, from those pictures.
When they cause you to see shame in yourself, you can run from your problems.
But they'll follow you like a trend,
#music #woeisme #delinquents

Live every day with a sense of adventure and a pocket full of M&M's
#adventureswithB #mistydaysarethebestdays #reunitedanditfeelssogood #delinquents'playground #we'regoingtoneedmoreM&M's

The good people of Romania were amazing. Thank you @creativefestival
Romania to Switzerland. Next stop Bern @piazzabarbern tomorrow #delinquents #delinquenthabits #itcouldberoundtwo #creativefest #piazzabar #westcoast #hiphopculture

🌟Credit to artist (Tag if u know (°ㅂ° ╬) ↬TAGS #bokunoheroacademia #bnha #delinquents #bakugoukatsuki #kacchan #kirishima

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