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Joshi Residence designed around the existing Krishna Tree.

Buffer spaces at Jay Clinic

Our design for Guggenheim Helsinki #unbuilt #guggenheim

Skydine restaurant at Delta Suites: architecture and interiors by D+R DESIGN

Colors in nature are the best.

Zooming into college days @ KSU


Colors in nature are the best.

Buildings and trees.


Bombay skyline

Six skylights in row @ Jayabal Residence.

Skylight at Vankadari Residence. #lightmatters

Signs of spring.

Trees and buildings #iimbangalore #bvdoshi

This too shall pass ! #dailywisdom

Fresh models for exciting new work.

Bar at Delta Suites #inconstruction

Watercolor version

Pomegranates on a cart.

Classic Art Deco !

I think I am getting younger @ 47th birthday!

Screeen from ancient times around 15th century.

Happy Holi !

Models bring much clarity to design. #myhouse

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