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Good afternoon Gothamites! This week we continue to spotlight the main figures who have taken up the Robin persona over the last (almost) 78 years in Batman's history to commemorate the first week of Spring. Today is about Gerry Conway and Don Newton's creation Jason Todd who debuted in Batman (Vol 1) 357 in 1983. Todd became the 2nd Robin the Boy Wonder when previous Robin, Dick Grayson went on to star in The New Teen Titans under the moniker of Nightwing, debuting in the costume in Batman (Vol 1) 368 from February 1984. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jason Todd's origin and personality was updated, first appearing in Batman (Vol 1) 408 from June 1987. Instead of being a carbon copy of Grayson, Jason is a rebellious orphan meeting Batman when he's stealing the wheels off the Batmobile in Crime Alley. Once they take down Ma Gunn, Bruce adopts Jason and trains him into becoming the new Robin. The reception of Dick's replacement wasn't positive from readers, leading to Jim Starlin's 1988/1989 4 issue arc 'Batman: A Death in the Family' (Batman (Vol 1) 426-429) where Jason Todd is voted by the people to be killed by The Joker. The death of Robin haunts and guilts Batman for over a decade until he returns as the new Red Hood in Judd Winick's "Under the Hood" (Batman (Vol 1) 635 - 638 in February to May 2005). Winick also pens Jason's resurrection story, explaining how Superboy Prime during the Infinite Crisis saga punched the timeline, changing Todd's fate. After being thrown into the Lazarus Pit by Ra's and Talia al Ghul and learning the Joker was never stopped by Batman, Jason is disappointed and decides to train his mind and body once more to become the Red Hood; his mortality standing in between him and Batman. This violent vigilante has taken up several Batman Family mantles, from Robin to Nightwing (One Year Later, 2006) to trying to become the new Batman (Battle for the Cowl, 2009) to returning to the Red Hood persona in The New 52 heading 'Red Hood and the Outlaws' and in DC Rebirth with this 'Dark Trinity' (including Artemis and Bizarro). This journey from Robin to resurrected to Red Hood makes Jason Todd one of the most favored in the DC Comics universe.

Sad times for the Captain😢#deathinthefamily

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"Under The Red Hood" by Denny Ibnu
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Working on a custom funko pop,the joker from Death in the family,still pretty rough as its my 1st time doing something like this but enjoying it so far 😆

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Self Explanatory...

Nightwing is dead and who would've thought it would've been his own baby brother, Damain Wayne, that killed him. Go check out the full story in our blog post titled "Damian Wayne killed Nightwing" (link in bio)
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Ya a la venta!!
Figura: DC Comics Icons - The Joker Death in the Family. #joker #actionfigures #dcuniverse #batman #jasontodd #deathinthefamily

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