2m views gon leave the chat too.🤪

wear those pants more, they look yum🤤 on u.🤩🤪🤤 @johnnyorlando

what it do, oakville?🤯

hmm more bts of last summer. forever proud of you bubs.🕊🖤

10/19/18- nice eyebrows ! @johnnyorlando #johnnyorlando

i just want to say that im proud of all the great things that kenzie's doing, all that she's achieved with only 14 years is incredible. she deserves the whole world and i love her with all my heart, so proud of my baby💘💖💞💓

Aww they look so happy😎

10/19/18- a SiS forgot to post this woops 🤠 @johnnyorlando #johnnyorlando

my most fav girls


Ok wtf jack followed maddie and she didnt follow him back ayee go gurl! And why he followed her i-

Ok u guys should reunite now

i felt so bad for sam

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