Hahaha😂 she's so cute

two papis is better than one 😘😘

a ship edit for @seeavey ❤️

tag daniel? @seaveydaniel #whydontwe #omgpage #whydontweedits

ac @vin.mp4 | cc pitadols & @wispybeech | shakes @moodydol

btw i’m posting this for both of my accounts @hherron.aep :))

Hello cute double chin i see you

I need Johnny to come back to the uk I miss him ( this isn’t my hand) @johnnyorlando #dayandnighttour #johnnyorlando

that’s where i started to support these individuals.
and look at them now..

if you don’t know me, im ava the owner of this crazy account. and let’s just say this account is crazy fun. but, focusing on my education is way more important. there’s no guarantee i’m going to come back before my one year but let’s just say, i came pretty far in 10 months. this was so fun!! but especially thank you to the people who took the time to become my friends and support my account. most of all thank you to the people to motivated me to make this account. such as @johnnyorlando, @kenzie, @tessabrooks, @laurenorlando88, @nadiaturner, @annieleblanc, @haydensummerall, and so much more!! thank u guys the most! especially the ogs 😉
but omg im going to miss editing so much but this doesn’t mean i won’t stop supporting these amazing people. - @s.oftlusts

Kenzie isn’t Kenzie she’s so sad … i think?

Aww he was so tiny @johnnyorlando
The video was already low quality but insta ruined it more
#johnnyorlando #selfiesforjvo #dayandnighttour

I just love a shiny shistar hahahah 💕💖💘😨

Don’t come at me but Jenzie is better than hannie 🤫☕️💞
Instagram ruined quality 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄
@kenzie @johnnyorlando #audiosforedits #mackenzieziegler #johnnyorlandoedit #kenzieziegler #dayandnighttour #johnnyorlando #plottwistedit

‘s edit♡
When i met him in Spain he was so sweet and kind w everybody and i miss him so much, i hope that them come back soon
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This is my life @kenzie

‘s edit♡
Happy birthday beautiful!! sweets 22 ilysm, have a nice day and a great birthday! i hope to see you again soon💝💞💓💘💞
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