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Thx Gan Mei Yan Jie Jie visiting me & saying me so handsome 😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣 #babyyanxi #blessedbaby #day21 @yannnleee

in this pic, we were swinging from a tree in north georgia. in less than two weeks, we'll be swinging from a tree in haiti. a fact like that makes me smile so much my face hurts. makes me grin even with all the peche in the big wide world😂🌎 #365daysofhappiness #day21

No filter, no problem! 👌🏼 The built-in beauty mode of my #OPPOF1s captures my best selfies! Look how vivid the details are just like a pro! A very practical and versatile smartphone! @oppophilippines ❤️ #SelfieExpert #KBDiary2017 #Day21 / P.S. Click photo for makeup products used

#day21 my fav place is my bed (this is the only pic i have of it lol) but i have other fav places such as Maui Hawaii and Orlando Fl. so yeah

2 buns are better #30daysofslay #day21

#Day21 Of #aminuteaday #yogachallenge by @cyogalab - Chakorasana - Definitely had to use the couch for this pose haha I would fall back the moment I would start bringing my led up if I didn't 😂 At least I managed to get the Pose down some! Gotta crawl before you walk 😊 On a side note, I cherish every time I get to spend time with this cutie💛 I've had her since I was 8 years old and moving out to go to college resulted in leaving her back home but I'm babysitting her for the week so my heart it happy😊I love how she stopped the moment my leg went behind my head and then proceeded to not care 😂❤️

#100happydays #day21 somehow, thank the Lord, I managed to get through tonight's recital!! Thank you everyone for your support!!! ❤

This guy. Always livin •

Taught my first buti sesh today!!! Had a blast at the @yogiapproved HQ!

#day21 of our #YogiApprovedSelfLove yoga challenge! Today's pose #downdog and naturally muhka has to be in it! •

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Here we go again! Forgot #Day21 so here is my #SkinStatus before I start my #Day22 #KoreanSkinCareRoutine 😎haven't washed my face all day so...you're welcome!😂
❤️I don't think there's any difference from a week ago. I actually thought my skin would go back to it's bad state when I binged watch #Goblin and #KPopStar6 for the past week or so🤔 I've been staying up way past my bedtime😜😆 but it's soooo worth it!!🤣😉 What #KDrama are you guys watching right now??
❤️Anyways, I think this routine is working since I've noticed less dry patches on my face. What do you think?? I still can't get away from touching my face during the day though...such a bad habit!! The next thing in need to work on is minimizing those pores..eww😂
#HappyHumpDay #NoFilter #BareFace

#day21 #luckynumber
28 or 2 bc 2 is in my entire birthdate. 12-28-02. Seeee told ya.

I saw this amazing sunset while I was at a day long concert in Poland. Exhausted in all levels this sunset was a sight for sore eyes. Only thing I didn't think it had enough red so, I grab my trusty filter aka sweaty smudged sunglasses. I wanna give a shout-out to an amazing fellow photographer @therealkriptography . This photo is 100% percent inspired by you!! #kriptography #46daysoflent #day21 #sunset #wyd #youtharise #polski #poland

Day 21 🌹
I think the hardest part of losing Mama..
Isn't having to say goodbye
But rather learning to live without her
Always trying to fill the void
The emptiness that's left inside your heart when she go....
#mama #imissyou #day21 #03032017

Haven't posted in a while due to some other activities. Bootcamp is just around the corner (May 1st) still gotta condition myself a bit more. #fitness #gym #core #cardio #endurance #day21 #lafitness

Day 21 & 22: #stretchrevolutionchallenge .
I'm feeling bloated/🐽, sloth-like🐌, & just-bleh💩. We all go through it every now and then. That's #fact . So, I keep telling myself to #push through it because if there's one thing I've learned in my life it's that--#COMMITMENT is key!! You can want something, or even #LOVE something so bad but none of it really matters if you don't sacrifice and be willing to put in work. So go ahead, love that #fitlife and the things that make you, you--and don't let people tell you otherwise. #GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough 🌱
#stretchrevolution #stretch #yoga #yogapose #yogagram #yogi #challenge #day21 #day22 #halflotus #treepose #hamstringstretch

| E F F | M Y | C L E A N S E | This is what I want in my mouth right now. #immeltingunderthepressure #mayonnaiseandfries #iwontbend #day21/28 #ideatthat

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