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#incaseyoudidnt I got busy on chest late night session wit my vamp @dudvampfitt #day21 of my #40daychallenge #vampfitt my pushes is gettin stronger could even push th bar 3 weeks ago

#day21 закончен! Мой лучший результат сегодня за все время был. 5.5 за 46 минут практически не останавливаясь.
Завтра продолжим! 💃
P. S. Видео из историй, посмотрите, та полный рассказ! Делать текстовый вариант сегодня уже сил нет. 🐱 А котов я просто люблю💙💙💙
#бег #худеюя #худеемвместе

Flower crown selfie addict right there ☝🏽🌺 #30daysofhappiness #day21

📷 @garybrianporter #iSmileYouSmile #Day21

#Day21 making silly faces😍😂

My life is no where near perfect by any means but I'm aiming for perfection #day21 #sen18r

I'm going to create this for my backyard. It's a party coming soon. Some people ask me how I'm doing waiting for a heart. It's hard, sad and uncomfortable. I'm waiting on someone to die. In 4 years that has never gotten easy to think about. It's both scary and exciting. It sucks.
We talked to McKenzie about it last night. She is strong. She was more concerned about doing my flash cards. She did ask "What if it doesn't work?" I told her they will work hard to make it work and they use a machine called a bypass to keep me alive. I don't know if she really gets it or if she is trying to be strong for me. She's 8. This week we bought 2 new dolls, planned a Halloween party, danced, went to Girl Scouts, played in the sand, blew bubbles and she ate a popsicles for breakfast. Every moment is special. It's why we try to do so much with them. She's only 8. I'm her mama. She is so like me.
#day21 #waitingforaheart #mygirl #mckenziesworld #goredforcourtney


blue sky kinda person

Amo las frutitas colombianas 😍
#100happydays #day21

Inktober flashes para ontem hoje e amanhã! Kkkkkk. Flashes inspiradora na arte de Sailor Jerry, o propulsor, no ocidente, desta arte “feia e torta” chamada tradicional. TUDO DISPONÍVEL! #inktober2017 #day18 #day19 #day20 #day21

Day 21: I love how you seem to want to always be with me. All day, almost every day. You always remind me that I am in your thoughts, and that you can't wait to see me at the end of the day 😍 #loveyourspousechallenge #day21 #bestfriends #lovers #partners #teammatesforlife #forever

#day21 👭

Flower crown selfie addict right there ☝🏽🌺 #30daysofhappiness #day21

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