There’s much confusion on how to use essential oils effectively. How does one use essential oils in a safe way? Can you use them internally? What exactly do essential oils excel at? In his popular webcast, herbalist and aromatherapist David Crow dispels common misconceptions and claims that confuse what is scientifically known about the healing abilities of essential oils.

He explains how aromatic plants have been used historically in the prevention and treatment of disease and provides info on how a build your home pharmacy safely and effectively with top essential oils for every home. Watch David’s comprehensive video via link in bio.

David Crow on vanilla! 🙏🏽Rich, full, mysterious, and powerful, vanilla produces a wide range of effects on people, stimulating some with enhanced mental powers and increased virility, while soothing others with tranquility. Modern medical research has found the fragrance to be comforting to patients during times of stress and anxiety, such as lying in claustrophobia-producing MRI chambers. Over the years its most common use as a medicine has been for relieving an upset stomach and calming nervousness; it is being used effectively for nausea and for morning sickness during pregnancy. Wearing vanilla essence as a natural perfume or using vanilla-infused body oils has proven helpful in reducing sweet cravings. 🍃We have a gorgeous vanilla absolute from Madagascar on the site. Perfect for aromatherapy and perfumery.

Inner Judge Flower Essence is a powerful and purifying floral blend that supports self-acceptance, flexibility, compassion and forgiveness. It can be used to transform and release the guilt and shame that reside beneath self judgement. This grace-filled formula shows us how to forgive ourselves and others while enhancing equanimity and peace. Poppy flower essence grounds and protects and is a key ingredient in Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend. Easy to use. Place 1-2 drops on the tongue four times a day or when desired. Also can be added to water and sipped throughout the day.
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Where woman are worshipped, divine souls dwell - Vedic Proverb
While medical knowledge was of great value to woman- classical Ayurvedic writings on gynaecology and the views of female anatomy and physiology were deficient and burdened with erroneous information.
The reasons for early Ayurveda’s neglect of gynaecology can be found in the cultural status assigned to woman by Hindu philosophy and the role of Ayurveda in society. Most ancient physicians were men as woman were denied formal education. The men in turn were unable to develop a complete understanding of female anatomy and physiology because of taboos against examining woman’s bodies. .
Folk medicines, which is the basis of much of Ayurveda herbal knowledge has always been primarily in the hands of woman. Then knowledge-of how how to treat woman’s health problems was passed down from mother and grandmother to daughters in an experimental tradition, requiring no formal training. These traditions of home health care still continue today.
My love and passion for herbs, plants, nature, cooking and folk home medicines stem from this tradition. My grandmother and mother have passed these skills and knowledges to me. Although I have formal training - it does not compare to the undeniable effectiveness of these home care practices that have ultimately become my being. .
Ayurvedic , Vedic and Herbalist traditions and educations are so fast that I know that it will be a life long love affair i the sacred mysteries of this mother planet earth. .
📷 Delhi India
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Wisdom without words
Born of inner silence
Carried within the heart
Dispensed with loving kindness, this is true medicine.
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Artwork by @raychponygold .
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A letter from a student who took David Crow’s Pharmacy of Flowers distance learning course on essential oils. 🌲 “In order to choose wisely, I listened again to many of the modules in the
Pharmacy of Flowers course. I came to appreciate even more the depth and helpfulness of the course. 🍃Prior to taking the course, it was clear to me that essential oils can be very powerfully good for our health, but I was deeply confused by the
random, contradictory, often unbelievable information that I could find about them. That had the effect of paralyzing my ability to choose and use
the oils. Since your course, I understand the forces behind that disarray of information; ignorance, regulations that do not truly serve the public
interest, and irresponsible marketing.
So I am relieved and delighted to find the information in the course. The wisdom and level of knowledge in the course have opened the door to my using essential oils, and using them with much greater effectiveness. -Pamela, Portland, OR 🌿🌿🌿🌻 🌿Explore our courses on essential oils, flower essences, Ayurveda, herbal medicine and more by visiting link our site >Learn>Courses. Enter promo code MINDFUL at checkout. Note: CEU’s available for acupuncturist’s on some courses including A Flower’s Power. 🙏🏽 Sale ends tomorrow!

“Because trees and humans are so closely related biologically, it is not surprising to discover that the essential oils produced by a tree's immune system are directly beneficial for our immunity. When we diffuse conifer oils into our homes, we are not just bringing the beautiful fragrance of the forest indoors: we are also surrounding ourselves with a cloud of disease-fighting molecules created by the trees immunological intelligence.” - David Crow 🌿Today is the last day to get a free Aromamist diffuser on orders $140+ with promo code DIFFUSER (link in bio). #trees #immunity #communityimmunity #tree #forest

✨Tropical, warm, spicy, euphoric, richly floral...our new Ginger Lily Attar is a alchemical genius handcrafted by David Crow. 🌿Ginger lily infused into a base of sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood perfectly complements both day and nighttime use. 💫Sophistication evanescing slowly on the skin unveils a mysterious, intoxicating and purely hedonistic attar that must be experienced to be believed. Link in profile.

Chapter 2, "What's in the bottle?" Nature's Essential Oils; Aromatic Alchemy for Well-Being.
"When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world." -John Muir .
. "Hold it up to the light and the liquid inside an amber or cobalt bottle pretty much looks like any other. But this magic elixir is the end product of a series of events. Surprisingly, many people, including those already familiar with essential oils, do not know how an oil is produced, nor from which plants they come. Equally stunning is how few are aware that the sun and the moon, where a plant is grown, and when it was harvested all affect the potency of an oil. This is what one of my mentors, herbalist/aromatherapist David Crow, meant when he asked, "What's in the bottle?" Those simply using essential oils from a bottle, with no thought to where they come from, are woefully disconnected from the magic of nature's gifts."
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A capture that came out of our wildharvesting expeditions. Here our team is working with Immortelle, helichrysum italicum, on the Mediterranean island paradise of Corsica. Wildharvesting requires bending over for long periods of time in the hot sun! It’s incredibly hard work. Tremendous gratitude and respect for all those that bring us this invaluable medicine. #bruises #cuts #pain #trauma #wounds #woundhealing #lacerations #painful #healing #joints #arthritis #RA #MS #painrelief #herbalism #herbalists #davidcrow #saracrow #TCM

We adore incorporating herbal medicine into every meal. Everything from a squirt of rose tincture in breakfast parfaits, to a few slices of astragalus root or sacred basil tincture in soups, to fresh garden herbs of rosemary and dill on a salad, to a simple cup of flower essence infused herbal tea with a snack. Herbal medicine can significantly improve quality of life and it is our passion. 💌 🍃We offer a full range of herbs, tinctures, and flower essences for internal use on our site. 🍃🙏🏽🍃 Gentle reminder: Today is last day to use promo code SPRING 🙏🏽
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A capture of David Crow, master aromatherapist, enjoying the rose valley in Morocco.

• Enjoy the benefit​s of amazing #spices & #herbs
You can always add #tumeric, #blackpepper, #ginger, #cumin, #coriander, #fennel to your dish as they’re all tasty ingredients with amazing #healthbenefits.
This week I’ve listened to most of the sessions of #theplantmedicinesummit & I’ve learnt so much about how to revitalise your health through nature.
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Excited to soak up more herbal wisdom this week from stellar plant medicine experts like David Winston, Sara Crow, David Crow, Michael Tierra, and Acharya Shunya. Learn more about the free online summit at plantmedicinesummit.com
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A distinctly different embodiment of jasmine- one that is very similar to the soft and balanced aroma of garden jasmine blooms.

It is a gorgeous alchemy of superior grade jasmine in sustainable Australian sandalwood. Romantic, sensual, euphoric, ephemeral and soft. This small-batch handcrafted roll-on perfume was lovingly created and aged in-house by David Crow. A true natural attar in the classical lineage of pure botanical perfumes. A health promoting alternative to immune compromising synthetic perfumes.

Join us for The Plant Medicine Summit! 🌿This free online event, hosted by David Crow L.Ac., is starting March 19th.
This is a global gathering of over 35 ecological experts, health practitioners, and educators. Discover a unique synthesis between medicine, ecology, and spirituality in the plant kingdom.
Whether you’re new to herbal remedies, essential oils, and natural medicine, or a professional or clinician working with herbs, plants, energy, or the environment, you’ll discover new practices and insights for making medicinal herbs, flowers, mushrooms, aromatic ceremonial plants, and essential oils your healing allies.

The Plant Medicine Summit features visionary speakers as Sara Crow L.Ac., Ron Teeguarden, Arjun Das, David Winston, Archarya Shunya, JK DeLapp, Dr. Jill Stansbury, Dr. Robert Pappas, and Michael Tierra. They will bring to light the curative and evolutionary powers of specific medicinal plants — many of which you can grow in your own garden!

Sara Crow will offer information about key herbs and flowers that address common Shen disturbances such as anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, PTSD, self-defeating thought patterns, emotional challenges, lack of purpose, and more.

David Crow will share his excitement about these enlightened times, when wisdom from traditions and lineages all over the world is being shared far and wide and — combined with an explosion of scientific evidence — this is leading to more and more people discovering the healing power of plants.

During this groundbreaking 5-day event, you’ll discover:
-Ayurvedic garden herbs that promote spiritual strength and immune enhancement
-Key adaptogens for vitality, resilience and peace
-The importance of restoring agricultural biodiversity for sustainable food systems
-Herbs that encourage prostate and vaginal wellbeing
-New research in herbs that can support brain chemistry — helping us strengthen mental clarity and nourish the mind
-Plants that address restlessness and insomnia
-A unique, holistic, indigenous permaculture approach to seed-stewardship
✔️Sign up via our FB page!

Throughout the ages, Frankincense has been highly valued for its medicinal powers and spiritual benefits. 🌿Oleoresins are a part of a trees immune system, secreted to protect it from herbivores, insects, and fungal pathogens. Resins also speed the healing of wounds to the tree, which is why the sap flows when the bark is cut. In a similar way, frankincense has medicinal functions related to enhancing human immunity and supporting rapid healing. Frankincense has been used historically for treating respiratory infections, regenerating the skin, and for treating bruises and discomfort.
Frankincense is the most universally known temple incense. The resin gives a sweet pine-like smoke, which purifies the atmosphere and uplifts the spirit.

How can we enjoy frankincense? A few drops of high-quality frankincense oil can be applied to the palms, rubbed together, and inhaled. This produces an instantaneous clearing of the sinuses and a strong activation of the prana entering the brain and lungs. Frankincense essential oil can be mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or sesame and applied to sore joints and stiff muscles. A few drops of the oil can be sprinkled on a hot wet towel and applied to the chest for opening and stimulating the respiratory system.
When gently heated, the resin purifies the atmosphere and uplifts the spirit. 🙌🏼-An except from David Crow’s comprehensive article on Frankincense (link in bio).

Join Plant Medicine Summit March 2018 - Restore Balance & Experience Deep Healing | What if the power to heal was all around you in the natural world? Since the dawn of humanity, people from across the globe have used what was in “nature’s pharmacy” to heal themselves — botanical treatments, healing tinctures and medicinal remedies from the herbs, flowers and flora that surrounded them. #advice #agricultural #biodiversity #brainchemistry #brainhealth #ceremonial #community #DavidCrow #ecosystem #essences #essentialoils #event #expert #flower #flowers #health #hearing #herbalteas #herbalism #herbalist #Herbs #inspiration #MedicinalHerbs #mushrooms #nature #peace #plantmedicine #plants #recipes #recording #relaxation #resilience #revitalizing #skin #tinctures #vision #vitality http://herbalremedies.site/plant-medicine-summit-march-2018/

So excited to share my journey with flowers. 💞 Each flower speaks to me with her own healing potent and as equally as I love plants, trees & nature so do flowers who've opened so magically in my life. Flowers are forever and each blossom cradle their own healing energy. Blessed to share my flower essences, flower medicines & healing energy. 🌼🌸🌹🌷🌱🌿🌳🌻💚🙏
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An excerpt from David Crow’s beautiful book, In Search of the Medicine Buddha. Enjoy! “The healing of humanity's ancient wounds and the rebirth of Dharmic culture rests upon ecological renewal. Environmental restoration is a unifying purpose that brings together families of diverse racial, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds in a common struggle against the threat of biospheric collapse. By following the Medicine Buddha's wordless commandment to plant trees, cleanse the skies and seas, and harvest the fruits of sattvic planetary caretaking, the divisive conflicts carried through the ages can be forgotten. As communities and nations join hands in mutual concern for plants, animals, and coming generations, the long history of inflicting pain on others may cease, and truly spiritually reawaken.”

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