If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I recommend you do it right away. One of my favorite movies of all time. I have met two of the actors, Danny Trejo and Fred Williamsson. #quentintarantino #robertrodriguez #fromdusktilldawn #horror #horrormovies #vampire #vampires #slaughter #movietime #nowwatching #dannytrejo

Is it just me or does Simone and burgos look a little like banderas and trejo 😂😂😂😂 #diegosimeone #germanburgos #dannytrejo #antoniobanderas #lookalikes #madrid #hollywood

Los Angeles 2004

Photo by: Gregory Bojorquez
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DJ Caruso’s The Salton Sea is a brilliant piece of filmmaking, a fascinating hybrid between go-for-broke, tweaked out drug cinema, bloody, violent crime revenge thriller and moody, jazz soaked neo-noir, with a central performance from a committed Val Kilmer that goes waist deep in all three. I would say that it was ahead of its time and for that reason didn’t quite fully find its audience, but upon years of reflection I think it’s just such a specific piece that one has to be tuned in just right, and invest enough attention to appreciate it, the first time anyways. Kilmer is washed out meth head snitch Danny Parker, playing both sides of the narcotics game in hazy LA. Or is he trumpet player Tom Van Allen, haunted by past tragedy? The first half of the film sees him awash in an endless cycle of drug fuelled debauchery, stuck in a tireless set of hijinks with his tweaked out ‘friends’ (Adam Goldberg, Peter Saarsgard and more), and habitually snitching out dealers to two very corrupt cops (Doug Hutchison and Anthony Lapaglia, both royally sleazy). The second half shows us why, what dark passage of events led him to the lifestyle and the cursed trajectory he finds himself on in the final act. Kilmer is a restless fallen angel in the role, a man with secrets that the film respects by taking its time unfolding and not revealing too much too soon (avoid any trailers). His Danny even begs the audience to stick around, promising us there’s more to his story than rampant substance abuse. The cast is thick with talent, including Danny Trejo, R. Lee Ermey, Chandra West, B.D. Wong, Shirley Knight, Luis Guzman, Meat Loaf, Deborah Kara Unger and a crazed, memorable Glenn Plummer. The scene stealer award has to go to thespian Vincent D’Onofrio though as one of the antagonists, a terrifying drug baron called Pooh Bear because he railed so much blow they had to cut off his nose and replace it with a disturbing prosthetic. His favourite pastimes include reenacting the Kennedy assassination with pigeons and an air rifle, smoking crack to yodel music CD’s and setting a rabid badger called ‘Captain Striving’ loose on the genitals of disloyal employees. The film finds a demented dark

Mmmmh, sure… 🌮
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Played by #JulietteLewis
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Pitch: Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in a truck stop populated by vampires, with chaotic results.
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Who says you don’t run into stars in LA 😁 #DannyTrejo



Met Danny Trejo @ Spooky Empire Horror Convention in Orlando 2010 🍿 #dannytrejo #machete #spykids #fromdusktilldawn #devilsrejects #conair #movies #films #signed #autograph #autographs #autographcollection



Мало кто знает, что Денни Трехо, отбывая одиннадцатилетний срок в тюрьме стал чемпионом по боксу Штата Пенсильвания (лёгкий и средний вес). После того, как вышел на свободу и реабилитируясь от наркомании, он оказался впервые в жизни на съёмочной площадке фильма «Поезд-беглец» в 1985 году. Режиссер фильма "Поезд-Беглец" Андрон Кончаловский, увидев, как самозабвенно Дэнни Трэхо тренировал актера Эрика Робертса для сцены тюремного боксерского матча, решил сделать Трэхо героем того самого эпизода. Благодаря этому стечению обстоятельств колоритный кинобандюган и получил прописку в большом Голливуде!💪💪💪

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