happy birthday daniel❤️ it was a year ago today were i found out about why dont we✨ i seen you guys at universal studios and all though i didnt know you guys at that very moment, you guys had my heart when i first laid my eyes on you✨ i will never forget that moment (not only cause i got pictures of you guys and was texting my friend how cute you guys are😅). and i hope to see you guys soon, have a great 19th, i love you❤️
xoxo miranda🌹
#danielseavey #danielappreciationpost

thanks for bringing me into floorball and livin dat #hookblade4lyfe life and driving me places and layaning my lame puns, happy graduation @dteohyl 🎓 #danielappreciationpost

My forever valentine. 💞

Thank you for everything that you are and for everything that you’ve done.
These past two weeks have been a hell-ish roller coaster ride but boy am I glad to have you by my side to ride through the highest of highs and lowest (somewhat) of lows in life.
It’s brought us even closer together than I ever thought could be possible and as much as it makes me sad that I can no longer call you my fiancé anymore (soon), I cannot wait to marry you in 31 days.
Here’s to our future.
I love you forever, my forever valentine.
#danielappreciationpost #itiesdknot

cutest guinea pig you’ll ever see #danielappreciationpost ❤️😝🐹

#Danielappreciationpost Happy birthday my best bud ❤ wishing you only the most wonderful & happiest things in the world on this special day. Love you old fart #22 #grandpadan #biccben

Daniel was a star husband this week as he worked all day and then came to VBS every night to teach kids about the Bible and grill up dinner. He's the best! ❤️ #danielappreciationpost #cpclexvbs #punsfordays #romainecalmandlettucecarroton

DANNY APPRECIATION POST❤️Daniel you have done so much over the past few months. You and your band release 3 EPs In 10 months. It's not even a year yet and y'all have done so many things.Ive been here since the beginning. I remember when you were on American Idol in 2014. Your voice was absolutely AMAZING!!😍You are such a funny and cute person. You have such an amazing personality. That's why I love and support you. And I want to say thank you to @keriseavey for raising such a wonderful goofball😂No matter what happens I will forever and always support you and your band.I'm sad that I won't ever get to meet you but maybe someday.❣️I know you're not gonna see this but I'm still gonna post it anyway😊❤️. Ilysm Daniel💕 // @seaveydaniel @whydontwemusic #Fanpage #DanielAppreciationPost #DanielSeavey #AmericanIdol #ILYSM #DCV #WhyDontWe #WDWAppreciation #Music #Love #Boys #ThassMaaaBoiiiii #Support #Fans

"Damn, Daniel!" We may fight like cats and dogs, but I hope you know how much I love you. You may not be the overprotective big bro type, but I know you'll unleash hell on anyone who breaks my heart. Love, your favorite little sister 🤗 #DanielAppreciationPost

The Grandma to my Red Riding Hood ❤️ Could not ask for a better best friend #DanielAppreciationPost

Damn, my Instagram is full of pictures of Dawg Squad. But love y'all and especially Daniel for the hard work you put in Dawg Squad !! #dawgsquad #danielappreciationpost

merry christmas from daniel & me 😊❄️#DanielAppreciationPost

this right here is the best man that will ever be apart of my life. anyone that has ever met him will definitely agree that he's the the best mentor, the best advice giver, the best teammate to have in mario kart. & damn that last one is crucial. what a legend. so lucky to call him my brother. love you bro💗💗💗 #danielappreciationpost

Such a cute kid😍😍 #danielappreciationpost

#DanielAppreciationPost because this picture is too good not to share.

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