Virtue is it’s own reward 🖤

Quilt stitches and petal kisses.

I knew when I was 5 that this was going to be it for me. Meaning I could sense that I just wasn’t going to care about or love anything more than the things I was discovering, playing with and putting together at that time. Funny...

What did you do with the extra seconds of the longest day of the year?
Wasted it.

Asymmetrical balance is my favorite.


Wild and lovely.

Beauty all around all the time... kiss it, don’t miss it 💫

Not a daymoon in the sky... that my breathe isn’t taken by 🖤

You make everything so much better just by being you ☁️

Fear knocks at the door... faith answers... no ones there. 🖤

Alone in the very best way 🖤

Daymoon coming to you...

The boys

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