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I see a BITCH AZZ Nigga trying to get at me on I. G..! Bitch what you need to do is put your time into getting a job.. Are getting a apt" a car" maybe your on clothes" and shoes and stay out your family shit.. My rent a year over 14,000 nigga u don't see that in 10yes! Making all these post on fb and I. G about me not gonna get you know we're in life.. But guess hell your not trying to get there anyways.. I FUCK OFF MORE MONEY ON EATTING OUT THEN YOU SEE IN A YEAR NIGGA.. YOUR NOT NOT LIVING LIKE NONE OF THEM POST YOUR PUTTING UP MY NIGGA! 😂 BETTER WORRY ABOUT TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS.. YOUR ABOUT THE ONLY ONE DONT TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS FUCK NIGGA! BETTER FIND YOU A LIFE FUCK NIGGA.. TALKING DOWN ON ME ONLY MAKING YOU LOOK BAD! #BOSSLIFE #DMP #UPALLNITE #DPG #UPALLNITE #CHOSENONE #BLACKMIGOS! I BET YOU PUTTING YOUR BROTHERS SHIT ON EVERYDAY NOW.. FEELING LIKE YOUR ON HUH 😉

Marquage d'une flotte de véhicules. #smart #dmp #cpam94 #qin

#New_Marque_Vestimentaire des fonctionnaire d'etat #Tjrs la #dmp

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