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4-year-old Livini from Navitilevu village, Serua Province, #Fiji standing on a fallen coconut tree that was uprooted by #CycloneWinston. © UNICEF/UN011709/Sokhin

Got sent this photo earlier in the week & just had to share. Love how rugby is helping the spirit of brave Fijians after the devastating #cyclonewinston

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to shoot too much during #cyclonewinston but fortunately the shots of @max_mcguigan from a few weeks ago just keep on coming!! Thanks for the opportunity man!! #maroubra #aus #stabfullframe #fromwhereyouwouldratherbe

Hi Everyone,
As you are aware Fiji was recently hit by Tropical Cyclone Winston. One of our boys Junior Roqica @don_king_jnr is running an online auction to help raise money to donate to the Red Cross. The funds raised will help provide support to those affected by #cyclonewinston .
He has collected items to auction off including: Signed Jerseys from Sharks, Bulldogs, Wests Tigers, Roosters, Broncos and Knights, as well as a pair of signed boots worn by Aaron Woods (Wests Tigers).
Head to www.ebay.com.au/usr/junior_roq_fiji to bid on the auction.

#Repost @henry_speight ・・・
Been a tough few days for the people back home in Fiji in the aftermath of #CycloneWinston. Its path of destruction leaving people mourning,homeless,and without basic necessities. But,very grateful to @brumbiesrugby players and staff already donating clothes,shoes etc to be sent home to those affected. A genuine gesture that is going to be highly appreciated.#WinstonAid. *Friends and family thinking of donating,more info will be up on the @brumbiesrugby social media pages in the next 24 hours.* Vinaka Vakalevu🙏🏽

When all you see is bleached coral< #CycloneWinston #GlobalWarming #HereFishyFishy🐠

Tropical #CycloneWinston has devastated #Fiji, with homes flattened, powerlines downed and villagers forced to bathe in the river. Here, a child crawls over the wreckage of a destroyed home. (Pic: Supplied/ Joe Yaya) #weather #disaster

"My father and my brother needed to climb up the roof because the big square thing on the top broke and we were worried about the roof flying away. It was a little bit scary for me. When the power was off, we lit our candles." Angelina, 5, and her family were at their home in #Fiji when deadly Cyclone Winston struck.
The storm is the strongest ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere and has damaged homes, hospitals, schools and water supplies. We are on the ground helping children and families who have been affected. Photo: Unicef Pacific 2016 #CycloneWinston #TropicalStorm

Palm trees are quickly growing back at #tokorikiislandresort after #cyclonewinston 🌴🌴 #fiji


Unitednation: "I want the whole world to know that climate change is real. It's like a thief in the night. It not only steals, but kills and destroys." Timoci Naulusala, 12, spoke at the UN Climate Conference #COP23 after seeing the destruction caused by Cyclone Winston in his village and school in #Fiji. "The sea is swallowing villages, eating away at shorelines, withering crops. Relocation of people... cries over lost loved ones, dying of hunger and thirst. It's catastrophic. It's sad, but its real." Opening our eyes to the impact of climate change, Timoci received a standing ovation from world leaders. And sent a clear message to all of us: "Climate action is about what you can do as an individual." m: @unfccc
#Andern #regram #climatchange #cyclonewinston #UN

Some of the best helpers, during the Makongai school rebuild, were the students themselves 😀
#islandlife #villagelife #school #disasterresponse #disasterrelief #cyclonewinston #kids #tropical

Even after a cyclone, Fiji stays strong and beautiful. #cyclonewinston

#lalidrum offered by @PresidentFiji made from a #mahogany tree uprooted by #cyclonewinston as a reminder of the impact of #climatechange & #fiji #cop23 #presidency / #tambour #lali offert par le président des #fidji, sculpté dans un #acajou déraciné par le #cyclonewinston, pour garder à l'esprit l'impact du #changementclimatique & la présidence fidjienne de la #COP23

There were big #smiles all round as 12-year-old Anisha and her friends started classes for the first time after a #cyclone destroyed their #school in #Fiji last year. When a disaster strikes, it’s important that #children get back to class quickly so they don’t fall behind, stay safe and can start feeling normal again. #foreverychild #UNICEF #cyclonewinston

NEW BLOG POST: Seeds of Hope Growing Fiji .
A story on how something simple as seeds were able to rebuild lives.
This written when I was at Fiji back in June-July (before I had to be mashed up with 2 other stories).
Hope you like it.
Link at bio
#blog #blogging #blogpost #fiji #cyclonewinston #featurestory

One of the students from Koro Island High School I had the pleasure of meeting when I visited Fiji with @savethechildren . She was showing me herself & her classmates Cassava plantations. Cassava is a starchy root and high in carbohydrates. These plantations were introduced and encouraged with the help of Save The Children after Cyclone Winston, which had wiped out a lot of the food produce including fruits, vegetables etc. Cassava is a relatively safe crop for farmers in case of another natural disaster in the future 🌱🍠 #cyclonewinston #fiji #koroisland #portraits #tellastory

Moments from a charity lunch we helped with, to raise funds for Savusavu, Fiji which was devastated by cyclone Winston last year. #supportsavusavu #charitylunch #mrbunz #mrbunzbrisbane #savusavu #fiji #cyclonewinston #raiseawareness

#下個月在買一台#除蟎機#日本#cyclonewinston#sharp #空氣清淨機

Hurricane Winston💨🌬️
Thank you @onnytui👍😀
On my 200th post, I wish to share something different. Thats my unforgettable experience with the worst hurricane in southern hemisphere. This mammoth category 5 cyclone with over 300km/hr gusts, not only destroyed infrastructure but took away lives and devastation was unlike anything I have seen. This entire experience personally was terrying but you do come out of it stronger💪.
Several months after the hurricane, I had the privilege to visit Nadarivatu for a dental program. I found that school children were still studying without electricity and learning in cramped classrooms due to the extensive devastation. It was difficult for aid to reach this location, therefore rebuilding phase was slow. Yet they hardly complained. Actually, they were more afraid of the dentist😐. It was estimated about 120,000 children been affected according to the UN.
Aftermath of the hurricane was a real struggle but thanks to foreign aid, communal friendship and comradery, Fiji was able to preservere and stand strong. It seemed like nothing can break the Fijian spirit.🇫🇯⚡
With increasing global warming and climate change, these monster hurricanes will occur more frequently and with greater intensity.
Hope we are ready!🌬️

On our way to Fiji to study the impacts of Cyclone Winston. The plane was too small for our equipment so they strapped it over seats inside the cabin! #fieldwork #fiji #cyclonewinston #woodsholeoceanographicinstitution

Imagine if your house was wiped out in a matter of minutes…

That was the reality for thousands of Fijians last year during Cyclone Winston.

These pastors told us about all they had lost, but also the community spirit that survived as they helped each other rebuild.
They said that spirit stretched to Australia, and thanked donors for their generosity. It has meant they can afford to build a home with stronger walls resilient to cyclones.

We want to stop disasters becoming tragedies.
You can help. Visit our website to donate
#disasterpreparedness #disaster #cyclone #cyclonewinston #strongerthanwinston #disasterriskreduction #disasterrelief #drr #fiji #pacific #pacificislands #home #shelter #rebuild #buildbackbetter #pastors #partners #neighbours #neighbourlove #unitingworld #connectingcommunities

In the wake of Hurricane Irma's devastating path, we are sending our prayers across the ocean to those impacted. Your heartache is felt, as our islands experienced the sheer destructive forces of nature not long ago.

On February 20th 2016, Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston hit the beautiful islands of Fiji 🇫🇯 It was the largest cyclone recorded in the Southern Hemisphere! TC Winston made first landfall over the Northern Lau Group before making its way over the main islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. We sustained winds of up to 233 km/hr and gusts of 306 km/hr.

Pictured are a few images of the destruction TC Winston left behind on Yacata Island, whom we work closely with. The past year we have been working together on rebuilding and rehabilitation.

Over one year later, we are finally seeing the islands landscapes lush again, filled with bird's songs. Our reefs flourishing with coral regrowth and healthy fish populations. 🌏The problem is clear - climate change is a reality.

That time last year when I was caught in a category 5 cyclone in Fiji, and the X tape was our best defence. // Thinking of and praying for all those in the path of hurricane Katia, Jose and Irma. 🙏🏼 #cyclonewinston

💌 Our giving story -
Yasawa Islands is one of my favourite places in Fiji, so favourite I got married there 2 years ago at Botaria resort on the beach.

Cyclone Winston destroyed quite a bit of the Yasawa Islands so travel with a Cause did a fundraiser and we sent monies to Vinaka Volunteering.

We got a phone call a motel in Tamworth to donate all their linen but we didn't have a container or the resources to get there, however, our corporate clients Tamworth Baptist had a container so the linen went in a container to Zambia to an orphanage that they sponsor.
#charitywork #notforprofit #travelwithacause

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