Escape to hongkong last weekend • And yay i'm done with my collection for this series! ❤️ Love this collection so much! 🙌🏻
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I think this event is meant to be for me! 😢 | Thank you to my dearest girl! 😘 Love the singing, & everything that happened! 😝 | Happy 5th year to you & to us! 💫 | Really don't know when is the next time but hopefully we'll see each other soon! 😏 | Enjoy the cakes & chips! 😋 Hope you like it. | Wish you get well soon, xoxo! 💜 @jacquelinebwong #黃心穎 #jacquelinewong #sumwingbb #佢唱喜歡你超好聽 #心穎版的喜歡你狂loop #CybilWongInHongkong #CybilWongTravels #一見到我就好驚喜 #驚喜成功😌

有份令我香港即日來回既就係我隔離呢位小姐喇 😂
Hiiiiii tam豬 😍 #佢真係好正好正呀
人又爽快,又可愛,又靚,又夠真 🙌🏻
我終於唔曬隔住部電話見你喇 😌
第一次見面 ☺️
我相信未來一定會有第二次第三次 💕
新劇拍攝加油呀 🤘🏻(睇下有無機會探班先✌🏻)
照顧好自己身體呀 ~ Please take care of yourself!
PS: 琴日都唔記得問你好返啲未? 🙄
see you next time tamchu! 😘 @t.a.m
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"There are moments in my life I will always remember not because they were important but because you were there."
Definitely worth coming back for ❤️ | Please take good care of yourself & all the best to your new upcoming drama k! 💪🏻 | See you next week! 😏 | Enjoy your cake & with your family! Love ya! @kelllycheung | Till then, goodbye! 😭 #快閃香港一日完結 #CybilWongTravels #CybilWongInHongkong #KellyCheung #張曦雯 #Sunday #說走就走

belated生日快樂貝貝🐽 @sisleychoi
& happy 1000th day too 💜 //
thank you for everything since we met (:
promising you and myself to be with you always 😘
hope you had a great birthday (:
祝你工作一切順順利利 💪🏻
身體健健康康,每天開開心心 🙌🏻
continue spreading happy vibes to everyone around you!
#SisleyChoi #蔡思貝
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見到我就omg嗰個 😂
係咪好surprise呢 😙
無諗過可以咁快見 😭
love the priceless smile from you 😍
thank you for everything again ❤️
PS: 你同melody家姐真係有仲講唔出的電人眼 😚
12.18加油. 12.18見 💜
📸 : KrystelleTeo
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@coeyyy @yan_gloria_yan
#CybilTravels #CybilWongInHongkong

Good morning Hongkong 🇭🇰
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Meet 蠟筆小新 ☺️ #MyChildhoodFavoriteCharacter
Cybil exploring hongkong to eat cute food 💜
#Dimsumicon #Hongkong #TsimShaTsui
#CybilTravels #CybilWongInHongkong
📷 : @krystellizinc_

Finally meeting this sillychu 😌
First post of the year 🤘🏻
First person to be with 💜
Having you is blessing 🙏🏻
Meeting you is happiness 😬
I wish you all the best this new year.
And, all the best for filming / work / life (everything)
Thank you for spending time with me! 💋
#CybilWongTravels | #CybilWongInHongkong

Indeed a blessed holiday with you 🙏🏻 Thank you love for this together 😌 | Disneyland the only place in the world, where we can all be children again · #CybilWongTravels #CybilWongInHongkong #Disneyland #Hongkong #DreamCameTrue #OurJourney #ChildhoodDream

hiiiiii你好傻寶寶 ✋🏻 成日都要隔住個mon嚟同佢say嗨 😂 今日我地兩個終於可以面對面見對方 😌 #大家都問我今次點解會返嚟香港
#目的就係因為要嚟探winwin豬喇 #探班成功耶✌🏻#多謝你的好💕
See you tomorrow 😘 #陳穎妮 @winwinchan

大家聽日得閒記得去 @happyjecarnival 睇睇!我今日行一行就已經買咗好多啱自己既野喇 😝 Very proud of you & @isabellaaaaa (唔記得同大佬合照😢) #happyjecarnival #芒種市集
#CybilWongInHongkong #CybilWongTravels

my love for noodles ❤️
一 蘭 拉 麵 😌
#CybilWonginHongkong #CybilTravels

Happy Birthday my 傻豬尤! 🎉 | 今次番嚟的目的就係同你過生日喇 ☺️ | 而好幸運既係生日正日有得見. 😭 | Thank you for everything today! | I had a good time with you today & here's promising you that i'll celebrate your birthday with you every year. 🎉 | & I will continue to irritate you more so please let me do so. 😂| Take care ok! See you again soon! 😘 @xoxoapo Love you always 傻豬尤 💙
#陳芷尤 #AppleChan #CybilWongTravels #CybilWonginHongkong

And it always feels good to be back in hongkong cause it has been a stressful period for me 😩 | And, since everything was settled, took a few days off from work to come back to rest and have a worthy weekend 💙 | And guess what, I guess this is what fate gave me ☺️ | How rare is it for you to have an event in hongkong when im here 😭 | It was great seeing you yesterday. Hope you & your mum enjoyed the pandan cheese roll just like how i like it 😂 Thank you for being part of my life, being so sweet & nice to fans! ❤️ Love the english accent whenever you speak in english 😍 | Don't know when will it be the next time I will see you but I hope it wouldn't be long till next! In the meantime, please take good care of yourself & All the best in everything you do! @kelllycheung #張曦雯 #KellyCheung #CybilWonginHongkong #CybilWongTravels

Our first meet in 2017! So glad for this short meet up! It has been a good 4 years & 7 months with you! & look who replied my message 2 minutes later when I said I have pandan cake for her & would bring it to visit her 😏 | Thank you for your hugs, love & trying so hard to catch up despite you blocking the way & rushing to do your make up & start your filming ☺️ | I'm gladly to have you in my life. Please continue to let me love you & let me be part of your life ok! Enjoy the pandan cakes with your family, colleagues & all the best in your filming! Please also take good care of yourself! Please remember what you said, to allow me to see you again the next time I come back 😘 | To many more years ahead. It's 3 more months to our 5th year! @jacquelinebwong
#黃心穎 #JacquelineWong #我們兩位都係黃小姐
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What's new but hello hongkong ✈️
Holiday starts now ☺️
Goodbye +65 👋🏼
#CybilWongTravels #CybilWonginHongkong

再 見 喇 香 港 🤗
感 謝 呢 個 旅 程 的 每 一 位 🙏🏻
感 恩 認 識 的 新 朋 友 仔 😬
感 謝 愛 錫 我 的 人 💜
Goodbye Hongkong 🤗
Thank you to each and everyone of you 😘
See you in 3 weeks later 😌
#CybilWongTravels #CybilWongInHongkong

她就是我心目中的女飛躍 ❤️
她沒有輸,她是贏家 ✌🏻
我其實好榮幸可以在新加坡和馬來西亞見證你攞獎 👏🏻
PS: 現場睇真係唔同啲架 😝
#CybilTravels | #CybilWongInHongkong

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