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#CuteNailDesign BY #yagala #yagalanailvids
@Regrann_App from @yagala - 📽Animal print and corset french tips. Nail design with gel polishes Presto No.60
Presto Bambina Art Liner AL1 and AL5; Presto top gel from @naillabousa .
📽Дизайн с гель лаками Presto No.60
Presto Bambina Art Liner AL1 и AL5, топ Presto top gel всё от @naillabousa - #regrann

Hey guys sorry that we haven't been active lately. School is just a pain in the butt. Here are some cute Black Friday nails!(ik Black Friday is over) #blacknails #blackfriday #blackfridaynails #cutenails #cutenaildesign

I like those buttons #CuteNailDesign
@Regrann_App from @yagala - 💅🏻Plaid nails with 3D buttons 📽Full length video is on my YouTube channel.
I use: Presto gel color 90, 51, 60, 4; Gel polish Bambina AL1 from @naillabousa 🌼To make a button I mix white gel with acrylic powder, all from naillabo.us .
💅🏻Дизайн в клетку с 3D пуговками. 📽Видео-урок полностью можно посмотреть на моем канале ютуб.
Для дизайна: гели Presto 90, 51, 60, 4; Bambina AL1 @naillabousa - #regrann