Lately it’s been comfort over anything. I’ve been loving the Tokyo / track trend lately 🏁 so it’s been easier to find some cute joggers or hoodies. Who’s been picking comfy fashion lately ?

Finger Coils = Curl Definition

Black Friday si pe naturalhysteria.com! Happy shopping, happy curls!

I did a thing 🤭
Does anyone else sit down to take your makeup off and start fiddling with your hair? Only to end up doing a complete refresh????
I did this last week or the week before and ended up in bed with a tea towel wrapped around my hair! .
This is a little Different and I have diffused it as well but here is what ended up happening!
Sprayed my hair with water to make it damp
Parted into small sections and applied just macadamia hair food.
My hair felt really knotty and gross so I gently used my @denmanbrush through each section followed by finger coiling.
I then scrunched in some @herbalessencesanz #toussleme mousse and diffused! .
I’m really surprised by the big clumping action that seems to be happening, fingers crossed for the morning 🤞🤞🤞
Currently I’m wearing a pink camp buff with no pineapple over my casted curls! .
Looking forward to the reveal tomorrow

End of the road...
Feeling a little ragged at the end of the day but this baby keeps a smile on my face! #curloftheday ➡️➡️➡️➡️
Swipe to see how I’m currently looking after a long day!

There was a little girl who had a little curl..
Could do with this duvet outfit today- tgif!

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Day 3 full refresh..
This is a full refresh no only its not cowash 🚫
I don't use any shampoo / cleanser..
This is budget friendly & super easy refresh...
Wash my hair with plain water
Apply @brillareindia heavy moisture conditioner this conditioner is toooo good... ❤ this product..
Finger detangled + comb detangled
Finger coil & leave for 4 minutes
STC with applying same #brillerheavympistureconditioner conditioner again.. Cantu curl activator
Set wet vertical hold gel
Rakein + praying hand motion
Add lil bit of water.. Scrunch scrunch
Plop with t-shirt
This product combo( result )is for those who want to start there cg routine bt could not start for there budget /pricey stuffs... Plzzz go 🚶‍♂️& start your cg journey.. We all r with u..
There are lots of curlies like @desicurly @kuttymeow_7 @ringletdiaries @chicmedusa @honestlizhere @rightringlets @thecuriousjalebi @curliebeaux @ishagera7
@curlacious_blog who love to stand up with u 👐 .
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Today’s line up! 💕
I have been trying cowashing, and I must say, I see what everybody loves about it. Ive been digging my results lately (finally)
Also, watch my stories to see how my hair grows out after SOTC without fluffing just by giving it time. 😝

I love being blonde, I find it beautiful, but I love being myself too with healthy hair and not full of bleach lol. I feel like my hair looked great in this picture, but compared to now, it was so unhealthy. It's still nice to see my blonde days and how my hair has changed since then. No regrets. Have you ever missed you hair being a certain way as you go through your curly hair journey?
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