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Still confused what a good caption for this picture. Until i write this.. i still confused..
Bloody smurf , you are just made a caption! Ahahak.. #createyourownhappiness #sagittariusgirl #swag #beHappy #be Cheerful #likesforlike

Don’t wait. Life goes faster than you think 💕 #live #laugh #love #createyourownhappiness #lifestyle #instyle #instadaily #life #happy #goodvibes

😭 Confession: I cry when people win on "The Price is Right." 😂 In fact, everyone knows me as "Trina, The Cryer." 6 or 7 months into my business, I got a paycheck email at 1 a.m. (That's when they tell you how much they're sending into your bank account), and I woke up Jeremy to show him how much it was. (And of course, I was crying.)

It was WAY more than I ever dreamed possible for me. The next day I went live on Facebook and I bawled my eyes out, telling everyone how happy I was. The video went viral. The crazy thing is that several of my directors have now earned that same amount.

I'm not that great at a lot of things in life - but I'm REALLY GOOD at helping other women win in business. DM me to chat if you want a paycheck you can literally cry happy tears about. I promise, it's not as far away as it seems...

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I know you‘re ready for the change!
I see you craving to start your self love journey!

I am taking all the tools, experience, homework, courses I’ve taken, all the self improvement books and all the exercises that I’ve done to get to where I am now and giving it to you in my 1:1 program!

I have the research, experience and knowledge I’ve learned through the years and showing you the exact steps you need but giving it to you in a quicker way without all the mess and figuring out works!

I know you’re sick and tired of not knowing what to do first-
Do I read all the self improvement books?
Do I listen to all the self love podcasts?
Do I work out?
Do I journal twice a day?
Do I have to meditate?

And the list goes on... I’ve taken all of that and incorporated it into a way that works so you can really start taking action!

It’s time you stop missing out on all the amazing things your life has and will bring you when you make the mindset switch!

You deserve to be confident, happy, to believe in yourself, to love yourself, and to start trusting your own decisions so you can get the courage to face your fears!

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Real talk: how do we balance screen time with being *present* in our personal life?? How do YOU do it?? I - for one - am struggling. •

Sunday was this handsome man’s birthday. And I spent the day ignoring my phone, cooking him his favorite foods, cuddling on the couch with my family, and generally just *being.* •

But I also wanted to brag on him. I wanted to share with you all how lucky I am to wake up to him every morning and how hard he works and what an incredible example of chasing your dreams he has set for our son and how selflessly he has supported mine. I wanted to tell you these things, because they matter to me, and I want this Instagram and this brand to be about something more than *just* knit hats (as much as I love them). •

But I didn’t want to spend any time on his birthday, looking at a screen, checked out from actually *being* with him, to actually do so. And now I can’t help feeling like I “missed it” somehow. Like I failed to give it the weight it actually held for me. Like, “oh yeah, I guess should post about his birthday TWO days late.” 😝😝

Does anyone have any tips or strategies in this area?? I could really use them. 🙏🏻💙

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Baby. I love you forever @justinrwaugh 😘😘 •
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Day 42 - Mui Ne

After enough of the "Western Town" as the locals call it - the foreigner's hub spot - we made our way to #MuiNe to get our bodies in motion.

As we ride this bus lounging for five hours, we come to face the problem with travel: everything is in the distant past.

Everything is new to us every day. These added experiences we have push back old ones like a game of tetris, deleting every row of completed loose ends.

We were in Japan for 35 days a week ago, yet it feels like years. Now we're in the thick of tropical forests, rocking new sandals and scarred legs. Our bodies have changed, our diet vibrant with color, minds present to the #infinitenow.

Writing about these experiences we had is like writing someone elses homework. We aren't those people anymore who heard, felt and touched every sense of the experience.
We are observers, looking back in time through our telescope, reminding ourselves of our human experience.

The grip of the present #moment is all that there is, and all that is necessary to see. As we transit this journey, we know that we've arrived at the end. Every moment we're aware, is a moment we've fully embraced #life for what it is.

Have you been #mindful today?

The longer I travel, the more the "I" disappears. Who are we but a dancing flux, playing with the wind a melody of this moment and a distant past.

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