Day 15: There is no doubt that true happiness comes from spreading happiness to others.

SEASONS// I am loving these first signs of Spring. A focus of mine has been to learn to embrace (rather than battle) the different energies that each season brings.

For me...
🌷SPRING brings energy and inspiration.
🌞SUMMER brings connection and spontaneity.
🍂AUTUMN brings strength and insight.
❄WINTER brings introspection and regeneration.

What do the seasons bring for you?
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My dear friends & Mermaid Junkies,
Often times there are individuals who will swim along and want to take your air. If you've ever scuba dived, you know that you have a buddy in the water. Your buddy is there for security, to watch after, assist you, keep you from impending danger, and to enjoy the experience of diving and having a glorious time.
Too often I see women becoming extremely envious and competitive, especially on social media.
Social Media is like scuba diving. In order for everyone to enjoy the experience and to feel supported we should be just as giving of compliments, likes, shout outs, comments and tagging. Basically, to be kind and generous to others, most particularly the ones that are in the same field as you. If you are an artist, blogger, writer etc. etc. 💦
I have come to the conclusion that for such pettiness is an act of scarcity and a self-worth issue on the part of the taker. The pie is large enough for everyone to have not only a piece of the pie but an entire pie for every single person out there.
Let us show forth love and remember what comes around goes around. It's the LOA. You will get what you give, so give abundantly.

What’s your Distraction kryptonite ?⠀

Did you know that - in every hour - we loose about 20min due to distractions? May it be social media notifications, emails, phone calls, questions from peers ... ⠀

And then another 5 min to get back to the task.⠀

What is it that distracts you (especially when you're in the midst of unwanted tasks?⠀

#highperformance insight:
💪 did you know that when we’re in the flow and perform at our peak we don’t use more but LESS of our brain?
It’s because of the ability to focus on only the task and blank out fear, worry, anxiety, sense of time ... that comes from the neocortex- the newest part of the brain that controls logic.
Everybody can be in flow as it’s the perfect alignment between challenge and skills.
There are 4 strategies that research suggests to practise daily to get yourself more frequently into flow state:
😴 sleep .
💪 exercise .🎼 music (either playing or listening and it doesn’t need to be classical, just your favourite)
🤩 Transcendence (state of alertness but no feeling or thoughts - meditation)
How do you get in flow and prep for peak performance in whatever aspect? 👇👇👇👇

Like who hasn't said this!! _____________________________
I hear it all. I'm too busy. It's too much money. I'm too tired. My life is too complicated. YOU AREN'T TOO ANYTHING! You are living in fear. That's it.
Instead of living in fear live with it. Use it. We either let it break us or make us.
I did a FB live this morning talking about this. If you really want something you will make it happen. I invested in business coaching recently with extreme fear with money and failure but Instead of letting it keep me where I am at I used it to fuel me to move forward!
I reframed it. I knew I needed it if I want a kick ass business. So I invested a large sum of money and went out and made money to cover it. You can do it and will do it if you want success and you are determined. I also took my fear of failure and reframed it. Instead of saying no I might fail I said if I don't do it I will fail.
I have a challenge for you. Go to the link in my profile. Download the worksheet. For one week put in every thing you spend your money on. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, fast food, meals out, and all the food you buy that you most likely waste. Add it up and see how much you are spending. Then look at where you can make cuts. You can't change anything by complaining! You can only change through action!!
Your life is what you make it. You 100% have the ability to manifest and create anything you want. #tapintoyourawesome #createalifeyoulove

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All this constant up levelling and awakening and lessons. I do love it but some days I’m just like... wtf? :
Anyone else relate? :
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Just let whoever think whatever. Just keep getting better. ✌🏼⠀

The paralysis, the people-pleasing, the overanalyzing......isn't it exhausting? ⠀

It's not even about you. It's about others & the gifts and value God intended you to share with the world. 🙏🏻⠀

Stop acting like you live twice.👏🏻

Doing some work on the course I am launching, whilst on holiday in France. Working from home gives you such flexibility to work anywhere, you just need WiFi and your laptop or phone and you are good to go! ⠀
Interested in becoming your own boss? get in touch to see how i can help. ⠀
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