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Soooo this morning I dumped all my fresh coffee grounds ☕️in the sink, forgetting that I’d put it in there, then I spilled my superfood shake 🥑🍓🥒all over my front seat...which makes me think of when I’d spill freshly pumped breast🥛when my kids were 👶, then I got home and opened the fridge where some darling child left the cat treats riiiight above the door. Not so long ago I would find the closest bag of trail mix #crack and those skippy PB balls #costco and I’d eat my stress away. But today was different I watched my 🔥husband help our 13 year old with math and bicep curls and I went and did an HOUR long booty workout that had me 😂😂 and forgetting all about coffee grounds, spilled shake and 🐈 treats stuck under my fridge. So rough start but what a sweet ending #sweatitout

We live in the most beautiful state! #montana

Coeur d’ Alene Resort. Leadership Retreat. Our room is AMAZING...and that view?! #girlboss

There is only so many times I can say, “Thank you”, but somehow it never really feels like enough 😖💛✨. Life has a funny way of bringing you to points, and I use to dream that this would be my point. There are many times when I have to say to myself, “You’ve got it, you’ve made progress.” Without all my amazing brides, I wouldn’t be close. So I’ll stop this sappiness, but I want to say Thank you. It was an honor working with you 💛! Thank you for believing in my vision of Romance and Beauty. 2016, 2017, and 2018 you’ve been great! 🥂 Let’s Chase More! #poeticallybrushedbykim

You know those days where you just plain don’t want to adult?! Like you want to have a “skip a turn” card?! Where you fee like an unpaid taxi driver? I got home and for about 10 min moped around talking myself out of exercising. And I was about to give myself a pass when I saw my goal list, taped up on my wall. “Stop making decisions based off of how you FEEL Ashley”. I felt tired, I felt run down, I felt like throwing on my sweats and scrolling Facebook”. Funny thing about change, it doesn’t happen with me feeling comfortable. It doesn’t happen with ease or 100% knowledge or even with grace. Change happens in the trenches, in the “holy crap I don’t like this” I look like an idiot, UNCOMFORTABLE moments.
But in the words of one of my amazing challengers. The harder the change, the sweeter the success. #changeisgood

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! 👏🏻👮🏼‍♀️👮‍♂️👮🏿‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️
I have been trying to come up with something poignant to fully express what this Day means to me. But I can’t. All I can say is I am so proud of my husband, my friends, and all LEO’s.
Thank you...For all the late nights😴changing tires in -10, giving someone 💲30 of your own money for gas, for all the phone calls logged 📞, welfare checks that were suicides, for all meals eaten cold 🍔..or not at all, for the bathroom breaks interrupted, for all the knocks on the door and “I’m so sorry, but your...” for all the awkward parties you try and go to where everyone avoids you or says things like “Oh...cool...I grew up next to a cop”🤨
Thank you for wearing the God awful polyester uniforms in 🔥115 or -15 ❄️. For taking your boots off outside so whatever you stepped in doesn’t get on the carpet,
Thank you for all the children you’ve carried, pulled out, wrapped up, fed, made laugh, let push the siren. 🚨
Thank you for all of that and more ...and to my main man Clint... “he’s by far a better person than me because he’s never cared if you see him for his worth or not, he will still be there for you, he will help you. He will save you”

Sometimes I think that extra chromosome Margo got was just full of kindness. Her history of gift giving is pretty epic. She always gets you something you’d never buy for yourself, yet after the fact leaves you wondering how you’d ever lived with out it. I give you Princess place settings and one GIANT unicorn rainbow eraser. #sisterwin

Sometimes, where you are in life just grabs you. Gives you a little shake, and reminds you of all the goodness. This picture isn’t glamorous or in good lighting, the room isn’t picked up and staged. But this picture shows my beautiful son, who still loves to fall asleep in our bed, who will be carried out by my husband, who isn’t home because he’s at a meeting with his guys, the same husband who patiently irons his uniform or dress clothes every morning, the messy dresser with the radio that starts with “ dispatch good morning CF1, 10-8”. And by the grace of God ends with “dispatch goodnight CF1, 10-10”.

So not so long ago I would get home from work and cooking dinner was prob the very LAST thing I wanted to do. I’d look over homework 📚clean out backpacks🖍, scroll Facebook🤳🏻, pretty much anything rather than face “whatsfordinner”. I convinced myself that all those healthy, clean meals were: 1. To time consuming to make. 2. The kids wouldn’t eat them 3. There were too many ingredients And sadly...I was full of 💩. And because I’m a big nerd 🗂 I had to test it out. So I preheated the oven...10 min....cooked a frozen pizza...24 min....let it cool from levels of molten lava 6 min...cut it and served...30 min start to finish. And I tucked that little discovery away. And I kept eating crap 🍔🥖🍨 and feeling even worse. I’d love to say I was THAT person that had a “aha💡” moment and then totally changed her life. But I’m waaaay to stubborn for that. Until I just decided one day that I’d had enough. I didn’t want another year of ❌ energy, high cholesterol, chronic bloating and awful headaches. I took a chance on well...me! I learned all of my “reasons” not to cook healthy meals were just excuses, and laziness 😒. So Waalaaa...I give you Venison spaghetti with mushrooms and some homemade sauce I’d frozen. Kids got rice noodles we had it over a salad. And if you look I have the clock in every pic. Start to finish 25 min. So please excuse the long post. But please, tell me, what’s your excuse? #noexcuses

Aaaannnd there ya go. #kindafancy

Bahahaha. Ok because I love this girl and because she just called me out...recipe to follow! #nosecrets

When people say they don’t have time to cook healthy meals...I’m kinda like ughhhh but you’ve got time to feel like crap? #sorrynotsorry

Like her shirt says...Fierce. This girl is strong, independent, has her own opinions and shares them, she negotiates everything, will take down any bully and has a warriors heart when it comes to her aunt. This girl challenges us. And that’s good. Because if I could have any wish for my daughter it would be for her to stay hungry...for everything...and then go get it. #bornleader

Looks like Chucks taking ol one eye to the optometrist. One of my very favorite movies, filmed where I grew up #wabasha

Peters Christmas tradition, homemade cinnamon rolls. 3 hours of rising, proofing, rolling, frosting and consumed in < 3 min. Followed by “what’s for lunch”. #arenttheycute

The rule at our house is after you eat or do a project...clean up after yourself....and please push the chair in. But I got Home to see this. My daughter made a clay decoration and painted it....a 🏀 for her stepdad. Because he loves to play, and quite simply, because she loves him. Instead of correcting, I found her and told her it was beautiful. And then I said a silent prayer of thanks. #itsthelittlethings

Oh how I love this town. #smalltown

Time goes so quickly. And here we are almost done with 2017...was it good? The same? Worse?
Are you ready for a New Year? I am‼️
And this is why I'm SO excited about 80 Day program.
Is it a lot of prep work.... yes.
Are the workouts easy.... no.
Will you be pushed harder than you ever have been? 1000%

But you are worth it‼️‼️ I know this time of year is hard to think of gifting yourself fitness... And in two weeks, that's the only thing you'll hear about.... But if I could just say this, YOU are WORTH the investment in your health. It is not something we miss until we don't have it.
Change happens whether you like it or not....whether you want it to or not.... We all age, you get to chose how well that happens. 💖Ashley

Ok...adult confession. I love Disney movies...like I know all the songs and most of the lines. And Jasmine might be my fav princess...and when I saw this outfit I might have squealed. #nevertooold

Sweatshirt buddies #ilostthebet

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