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Good Wednesday morning from Durham, England! We are in the North East of the country. Could you live in this cottage? 🏠 True, it doesn't have a thatched roof, but I do like the look of this little country lane leading down to it. Plus it's near Prebends Bridge which was built between 1772 and 1778. It's especially lovely knowing that famous artist William Turner sketched this very area - "Prebend& #39;s Bridge and the Watergate" which is in the Tate archives. The bridge is mostly used by pedestrians and is a favourite spot from which to photograph Durham Cathedral. You know how much I love cottages, history (and cake) so what's grander than a view to the present cathedral, which was founded in AD 1093! The cathedral is regarded as one of the finest examples of Norman architecture and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with nearby Durham Castle, which faces it across Palace Green. It's such a wonderful place to visit with so many treasures from over a thousand years ago... still, I keep thinking about this home and the joy it would bring, especially with the sound of the River Wear so close by..be rather lovely to go for a paddle in the summer right here! Lovely shot by @shandyboy159 🇬🇧 Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and then add the tag #photosofbritain and tag us in the picture too! 🇬🇧

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Bad: everything
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Tag a friend who'd love to reel in a giant shark! 🐋 I love it when she bends over 🎣 😁

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Stop being unhappy with yourself. You are perfect! Stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they liked someone else. Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks! Love them!! ❤️ without those things, you wouldn't be you and why would you want to be anyone else? Be confident with who you are, smile, it will draw people in! If anyone hates on you because you are happy with yourself, stick your middle finger in the air 🖕 and let them know your happiness will never depend on others!! I'm happy because I love who I am, love my flaws, love my imperfections, they make me, me!! And well me is pretty damn amazing!! 😘😘❤️ happy HUMPday y'all !!! #humpday #humpwednesday #hump #rump #trucks #dodgeram #rebel #love #yourself #country #countrygirl #boots #gonefishin #fish #fishing #girlswhofish

When in Texas, do as the Texans do 🐖 #BBQ #andadietcoke 😂

First green leaves 🌿 #springinlombardia


Well....... I start at Heartland Nursing Home next week and attend STNA classes April 4th..... Different path than I originally planned, but I'm happy with it..... And can't wait to see where it takes me in this crazy life.... #like #like4like #followforfollow #follow #futurecop #futurofficerHooley #ohioian #ohio #officer #officerHooley #exfuturerisley #single #instafashion #instafamous #country #style #future #nursing #stna #

In this tiny village you can visit, just a short busdrive from Amsterdam, you'll see people still walking in historical clothing, most of them in long black dresses with white caps on their head. A jeans and a t-shirt sound very weird to them. You will experience a whole different world. Like you go back in history! •
Did you know that the rooftop tiles of the house were founded all the way back in 1466? Before the rooftops were made only out of grass or reed. •
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This was our sky this morning after the early AM storms. Now we have clear blue skies!!! Spring is here in Texas 💛
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Beautiful ladies on a beautiful day. @wonderlass
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