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phew love them!
I'm posting so late let's hope it doesn't flop
border ib ephemecl

I’m gonna post a new edit video because I have iOS 11?

Qotp: who should I edit?

[ peybrina's instagram ]
I made this when I was bored because I've always wanted to make an edit like this.
Sorry this is fast && look at the comments to read the caption ❤.
[ #clubsgrp #shadowsgrp ]
ac: @s.oftaudios
cc: mine.
dt: @lorelai.mp4 @undrcovering @myra__martinez98 @myloveisstydia @brokenkissex @ayepeybrina @_.ka._.ri._.na._ @xsabbylicious @theprettyandtheugly @luanacampws 💘💘.

cc: @missinglucaya ❣ [riley did this]

[softs love softs (◡‿◡✿)]

this is such a concept i love zaley w all my heart !!

q: zay or riley?
a: can't.

well well well aren't we all just shook from her news today??

Waiting for Sabrina to spill some #tea

── ib.@galactvc
dt. @sharsedits @1993to2000
(my loop and trans?? give creds)


Brinley is blonde because let's just say Lucas' mom is blonde mkay? mkay.

also new filter

my edit 🌠

[friends au]
same riley same

who lives in a pineapple under the sea

[i thought we were finally good.] —
my babies rilaya as calzona, it hurts —
dt; @bdavls 💞💞

[friends au]
this manip actually turned out great :)

Would you guys like me to do a screen recording of me making a brown hair edit? Comment below if you would like me to and if you want me to send me some pics of Sab you would like me to do!❤️
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[ September 22nd 2017]

ok so yesterday in my math class i got in trouble and honestly im still pissed about it. ok so when im in math class i like using my sarcasm because im allowed to, well yesterday my math teacher said math is fun and i sakd math is my least favorite subject and math and fun are at all equal ( i litterly always says this) and i could tell by her face she wanted to yell so she pulled me outside and she told me that i need to know that teachers have feelings and said i hurt hers because she tries to make it fun and i said i wasnt trying to offend you, you actually make this a fun class i was just being sarcastic and she said well for now on if all your gonna be is sarcastic then dont even speak and i told her i was srry. but im so pissed because now i cant even talk in the ONE class i feel accepted?!

QOTD:] what is something that happened to you in school that pissed you off so much that you had steam coming out of your ears?

AOTD:] one time in my 8th grade class my teacher had us all stand up and told the class to sit down if your not a feminist so i sat down becuz im not and he yelled at me saying that im supposed to be and gave me detention. honestly im still pissed.

Tag her? @sabrinacarpenter
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could i be any more friends trash

➸ coreyfogelmanis ♡
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[ lydia x riley ]
« be afraid.
ok so another one of my favorite tv shows is ending and and and i can't process the pAIN

[gmw x riverdale]
if you haven't already, follow my new Riverdale account, @hartsvixens pls

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