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- I recently got insulted on social media and criticized for the work that I do. The latest comments go as such, "I don't get it." -- "I understand what you are trying to do, doesn't look good." -- "I can't believe you ruined that painting, it looked so good." These comments were made in the last few days. Compared to what some people receive as attacks or rude comments, I'd say I'm pretty fortunate since these are relatively tame and polite.
I'd be lying if I said these negative comments didn't hurt my feelings or offend me and usually my way of protecting myself is throwing some passive aggressive shade and showering them with heart emojis and "thanks sweetheart" kinds of responses. It's my way of getting back at them. Basically I'm trying to get them even more mad and frustrated with me so that they make another rude comment and make a fool of themselves, and then I can walk away feeling like I'm the innocent hero. -
I'm trying not to do that anymore. I would much rather have a dialogue and hear opposing views and opinions and to talk about it. I want to understand the psychology behind what makes someone treat another human being with disrespect.
I want to ask them questions:
Why do you dislike my work? Which aspects offend or discomfort you? What sparked the need to write those words in response to my work. Are you a painter as well, and if so do you understand the practice? What would you have done differently? Why do you choose to criticize without giving any constructive comments? Did you enjoy sharing that remark? What did you hope to accomplish?
I'm all for opposing opinions and I know that not everyone is going to like my work. I'm just wondering why I feel like we are talking much less and instead pointing the finger and judging from our high horses without getting down to the same level to open a discussion and share insight to the words we choose to speak and write online. Having said all this, I'm trying not to focus on the negative since I am blessed with a beautiful following who encourage, inspire, and support my craft. I am lucky to have you and thanks for hanging out with me, listening, and also for keeping me accountable 🙏🏻❤️-

«Золотые карпы»
Размер: 43,5х76 см
Материал: фанера 12 см, секретный ингредиент, акриловые краски, золотая поталь, блестки, бусинки для глаз.
Цена по запросу.
Карпы по фен-шуй символизируют силу, стойкость, стремление к достижению своей цели и удачу во всем. Обладатели символа карпа по фен-шуй будут вдохновляться на духовный рост и развитие, силу духа и ясность ума. Карп по фен-шуй считается мощным оберегом для дома, защищающим обитель от негативного воздействия различного рода Ша ци. Значение карпа по фен-шуй также примечательно тем, что эта рыба способна наделить своего владельца уверенностью в себе, уравновешенностью и спокойствием, а также привлечет в личную жизнь человека гармонию в отношениях и наградит здоровым потомством
"Gold carps "
Size: 43,5х76cm
Material: plywood, 12 cm, the secret ingredient, acrylic paint, sequins, beads for eyes.
Price on request

“The slightest nuance can generate the greatest impression. One dull light in a dark room is the brightest light. Everything is extreme and nothing is in between,” says @jannawww about the symbiotic processes of painting and looking. Her paint strokes are feeling, sensing, emotive “moments” that seem to exist outside of the sometimes alienating world of pure abstraction. New paintings by Janna Watson will be part of Bau-Xi Gallery’s presentation at this year’s CONTEXT Art Miami (@artmiamifairs), which runs Dec 5-10. Contact us at toronto@bau-xi.com for ticket information and previews.
Image details:
Janna Watson “New Articulation,” 48 x 48 inches, mixed media on panel .
#contemporaryart #jannawatson #abstractpainting #artmiami #contextartmiami #abstraction #bauxi #fineart #contemporaryfineart #toronto #yyzart

Art by @paigealsborg 👈 Give the artist some love
Isn’t this self-portrait gorgeous? ✨ Yes / No?
If you like this piece, you can get a print version (and much more) from the artist’s @Society6 and @redbubble! 👉 Links on @paigealsborg’s profile!
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Proud to be showing new work with Twenty Twenty Gallery. Winter Curiosities 2017 in Ludlow opening on 2nd December.
From 25th November at Much Wenlock and from 2nd December at Ludlow

Both exhibtions will run to the end of January 2018. “This year's Winter Curiosities exhibition is being shown at both our galleries - Much Wenlock and Ludlow. Exhibiting artists include:

Angela Harding, Ann McCay, Andrew Waddington, Cornelia O'Donovan, Melvyn Evans, Gerald Dewsbury, Kim Dewsbury, Mychael Barratt, Sue Brown, Tamsin Abbott, Garry Groucutt, Hannah Willow, Sharon Griffin, Suzette Smart, Eleanor Glover, Bob Bates, Prue Cooper, Kathryn O'Kell, Catherine Hills, Jessica Briggs & more...”


A bright spot of Angus on this grey day. Tulips ablaze in the sun. #angus #fineart #artgallery #contemporaryfineart #stilllife #art #rvaart #scotland

- Art became my home -

One of the most amazing ladies I have the pleasure of knowing. Thanks for sitting still for me @muktamohan #paigeemeryart

Die Vorbereitungen sind im vollem Gange: Freitag ab 18 h ist die Vernissage von Karl Orth und Doris Leuschner. Auf nach Poing!#vernissage #ausstellung#poing#contemporarysculpture #contemporaryart #art#sculpture #contemporaryfineart #munich#artgallery #artcollecting#kunst#skulptur#artforsale#munichartists #dorisleuschner

I love bubbles in the morning, I love bubbles in the night. I love bubbles, oh my oh my, do I love bubbles! I love my bubbles all the time. (Sung to the tune of “I love Paris”) This image, and many others can be viewed by appointment!! And I have cookies.

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