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Join me and be part of the #ConfidenceSquad to stand a chance of winning prizes worth more than RM200,000 with 5 x iPhones 7 to be grabbed❕
All you have to do is to add #ConfidenceSquad LINE Official account & download their sticker❕Easy as that.
Giveaways starts 26th June 2017 and I am representing Gaven 🙋🏻‍♂️ #TeamGaven #PGxLINE

Am I at San Francisco or am I at Tokyo? or am I at San Fransokyo? 🤔

Just wanna send a hearty congratulations all the way from here back to P&G Malaysia on their brand new #ConfidenceSquad LINE official account launch! I'm here to tell you if u follow them you might win some prizes worth more than RM200K!

Bila Fahad ada shooting Fahad akan shave to make sure my face looks clean, jadi Fahad gunakan Gilette Mach 3 untuk cukuran yang paling licin dan berkesan!
By the way, korang berpeluang untuk menang produk bernilai RM200,000 dan 5x IPhone 7! Senang je, korang just download LINE and add #Confidencesquad official LINE account and download #confidencesquad punya sticker! Jom kita cuba! #PGxLINE #TeamGaven

I've been coloring my hair a lot especially it is heavily bleached. To tell you the truth I have been using Pantene's Damage Care & I've never been happier. The 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is my fave especially because it has help strengthen my hair with all that I've done to it. Don't miss out also & be a part of the #ConfidenceSquad because they have a giveaway on LINE so go join & win yourself goodies💖


Its giveaway time!!!! Join me and be part of the fun with #ConfidenceSquad ! There is a crazy amount of prizes up for grabs! More than 200,000 RM worth.....including 5 iPhone 7's!!!! 😲😲!!! How to win? Very simple! First download Line & then add the official #ConfidenceSquad Line Account!!
Giveaways start from the 26th June onwards so make sure you don't miss out!!

Miracle happens in 3 minutes ! ✨✨
Pantene 3MM conditioner- to repair damage hair - smooth and shiny hair -
Add #ConfidenceSquad on LINE official account and join their giveaway. Giveaway is ending this Friday. RM200,000 worth of products & 5x iPhone7 to be won
#PGxLINE #TeamPhoebe

Join me and be part of the #ConfidenceSquad to stand a chance of winning prizes worth more than RM200,000 with 5 x iPhones 7 to be grabbed!
All you have to do is to add #ConfidenceSquad LINE Official account & download their stickers! Easy as that.
Giveaways starts 26th June 2017 and Im on Team Hansen #TeamHansen #PGxLINE #ConfidenceSquad

Join me and add #ConfidenceSquad Official Account on LINE for Giveaways and it's begins on 26th June onwards✨
Please don't tell others the Prizes worth more than RM200,000 and 5x iPhone 7 are giving away😍
By the way, I'm in Team Phoebe! * Flip hair *

I'm in #TeamPhoebe! Join me and the confidence squad for their giveaways worth more than RM200k & 5 iPhones to be claimed ✨ -
All you have to do is add #ConfidenceSquad on LINE account and download the sticker, that's it. The giveaways will be starting on the 26th June onwards. -
#TeamPhoebe #TeamPhoebe #TeamPhoebe


I'm digging my hair and makeup today so of course it had to be documented with selfie. ✨

The ultimate guide to confidence is to love yourselves!
Join the squad for a 5 days Self-Love Challenge, starting next Monday!
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Find out how to be as confident as Hanson! ✨
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Clean scalp is important, especially for guys like me who's constantly styling my hair. H&S Shampoo totally does the trick! 😍😍😍
Speaking of which, the #ConfidenceSquad Official Account on LINE is giving away free vouchers to their new followers! Yasssss gotta stock up on those shampoos 👌🏻

I've been using H&S shampoo since high school. Love the minty sensation and smell during and after every hair wash session 😁
Did you know that P&G #ConfidenceSquad has an official account on LINE, and you can get free vouchers just by following?
Go wash your hair and check it out, just make sure your phone is water proof 👌🏼😁

The #ConfidenceSquad is now live on LINE and what's better is that new followers get free vouchers! Part of the Confidence Squad is Head & Shoulders and I've always used their shampoo; ensuring my hair and scalp feeling clean and itch free.

#qotd - It is said that shaving creates a mindset for having a productive/successful day ahead! Have you shaved this morning? Let us know! 😁


Big shoutout to the #ConfidenceSquad Official Account on LINE! Any new followers will immediately get yourself free vouchers, how awesome is that! Oh and checkout how amazing this H&S is. I love how it instantaneously help me to fight dandruff and leave my scalp feeling fresh and itch free! Definitely a shampoo that I need to bring to wherever I go #PGxLine #TeamHansen #asianmen #asianman #shampoo

Add #ConfidenceSquad Official Account on LINE today and you will get FREE Watson's vouchers right away! What are you waiting for ? Add now for freebies 😘
Downy Sunrise Fresh is keeping all my laundries fresh and floral fragrance everyday, just like the perfect sea of flowers in a sunny summer 🌻🌞☁️ #PGxLINE #TeamDaisy @confidencesquad

Downy Sunrise Fresh leaves clothes feeling fresh & fragrant! Smell sooooo good! ❤️
Follow #ConfidenceSquad Official Account on LINE, followers get free vouchers immediately! 🎉 #TeamDaisy #PGxLINE @confidencesquad

Add #ConfidenceSquad Official Account on LINE today and get FREE Watson's vouchers right away! Downy Sunrise Fresh made my day! 🌸
I feel fresh and I can smell the fragrance all day long! That's my confidence booster! 💪
#PGxLINE #TeamDaisy

Shoutout to #ConfidenceSquad Official Account on LINE, add them to get free vouchers immediately!
Btw H&S Shampoo is pretty awesome. Feeling so fresh and clean after using it and definitely a must have in my gym bag #PGxLine #teamhansen

Such refreshing fragrance of Downy Sunrise Fresh left on my bed sheets and clothes are enough to make me curling up in bed all day long. // Have you joined #ConfidenceSquad on LINE yet? (Don't wanna friend you if you have not *hmph* 😝) Good news is any new followers will get to redeem FREE VOUCHERS immediately! #pgxline #mondayblues #downy

Your daily dose of inspiration from Phoebe ✨
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Good Morning all!
Here's your daily dose of inspiration from Daisy 🌼

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