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My bed is a magical place where i suddenly remember everything i forgot to do. 😴
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We do not remember days we remember moments 🖤 / Ar mani tā ir! Es atceros mirkļus un sajūtas. Man ļoti patīk ķert mirkļus no šādiem brīžiem, jo tie liek atkal un atkal atgriezties tajā brīdī. Liekot kompozīciju, domājot par bildi un cilvēku tajā es piepildu savu atmiņu, lai atgrieztos tajā. Ķeriet mirkļus, lai ir ko atcerēties! Un man ne vienmēr ir jābūt bildē. Ir labi, ja esmu bijusi tur klāt. @sintija_monro 😌

รับขนมปังครัวซองเพิ่มมั้ยครับ 🍞🥐

La chica de los calcetines colorados

Leggersi dentro per poi guardare oltre...

To me, everyday is PHOTOGRAPHY DAY!
The feeling of waking up with a thought that I'm going to take my camera out for a shoot, is enough a reason to celebrate this day.
Over the years of my journey as a photographer, I've realised that this passion has always been inside me, as if it's genetic (and YES, IT IS). My dad loves Photography because of which I've tonnes of photo albums stacked in a cupboard. He loves travelling too, and never steps back from exploring the diversity of our country.

The privilege of clicking every college event for two years in Pune, strengthened my zeal. I realised that camera is my anti-depressant and photography is my second mother.

This feeling is felt so deep inside, that can't be defined in words. All I can just do is thank my passion for keeping me alive in my worst days and boosting my confidence when it disappears.

Happy World Photography Day everyone. Let's promise to love this feeling everyday and thank our passions for staying strong in every situation.

@i_am_aarnav thank you tonnes for this picture. This is the best memory you can give me 😘

#WorldPhotographyDay #MyBucketListGoals #FromFillingToFulfilling #TheToddlerTales

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