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ITS ALL ABOUT THE SET UP AND PREPARATION!! Huge shout out to @wsbtx for the insane progress he's made in the last three months. The first two videos were at the beginning of his strength cycle back in early December, the other two were today. Huge difference in size and set up and strength!! "Signs of a really excellent routine is one which places great demand on the client, yet produces progressive long term improvement without soreness,injury or the client ever feeling thoroughly depleted. Anyone can create a program that is so demanding that it would virtually kill the toughest marine or hardiest of elite athletes but not anyone can create a tough program that produces progress with unnecessary pain" - Mel Siff

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I hope you recognize your fears. I hope you recognize that you mustn’t remain stagnant because it is safe and comfortable. •
Like that blanket you’ve been meaning to toss. It smells like your ex and may be hiding Frank’s Red Hot stains. Amazon has more. •
Above all, I hope today brings you happiness. And while not every day sticks to the script, I hope you take the leading role. •
“I have a sense you’re often underestimated.” This was how my exit interview concluded. Those words echo in every crevice of my being. •
I gained strength in my decision to be vulnerable. I found a community that offers me the chance to reveal my deepest insecurities and celebrates my quirks. •
Pumped to share I’ll be doing a little more work here, outside the cycling studio (...but I’ll still be there too 😬). Here’s to fresh starts. To being underestimated. Here’s to the only filter we can allow to shadow our shine...noir in the square setting...

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Last few days to #jointhebattle. AH AH AH AH #stayinalivestayinalive #killcancer #committosomething
@cycleforsurvival has raised over 166 million since 2007, 100% of those donations go directly to fund rare cancer research @sloankettering. 📸: @CycleforSurvival

A colleague saw my shirt and asked what did you see? I responded, “Wealth, happiness and lots of love.” What are you creating for your future? 💖🏆💪🏼🤗 #equinox #seethebeautyaroundyou #createyourreality #committosomething #abrahamhicks #vortex #love #happiness #wealth #fabulous #ilovemylife

Getting through Hump Day in the evening with high volume training 😪🤕. On the bright side it felt better than expected 😅 2 Power Clean+ 2 Clean (285lb\129kg) @equinox @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting #equinox #equinoxmademedoit #committosomething #usaweightlifting #weightlifting #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #training #252mob #icriedafterthesquats 🎥: @powerstrength_09

Feeling Pec-tacular today!!! 💪🏼💪🏼 😂#dadjokes #pecs #chestday #equinox #workout #committosomething

The first 4 (of the usual 5-6) meals of my every day, prepped & ready to go/eat! They don’t have to be pretty (as you can see here), they just have to serve a PURPOSE. No matter how crazy my day is, no matter how late I may have to stay up, no matter how much I want to live off of 🍕🍔🥓🍩, I prepare in advance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What’s on the menu?!
💎 Meal 1 @ 5am: 10oz milk & 1 scoop protein
💎 Meal 2: 10oz Greek yogurt, 150g grapes, 50g granola
💎 Meal 3: 140g chicken breast, 100g (dry measure) basmati rice
💎 Meal 4: 6 whole eggs, 2 tortillas, 1 apple, 4-5tbsp natural peanut butter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes it takes time... so what, MAKE TIME. Yes there are people with more time than you; there are also people with less time than you doing whatever it takes. So take your excuses, your weakness, your fear & use it as fuel to relentlessly go on the ATTACK. It worked for me so give it a shot 😈☠️ #livetolift #mindfulmovement #powerlifing #iifym #squatbenchdeadlift #workout #fitness #equinox #EFTI #committosomething #equinoxmademedoit #doyoueven #howmuchyabench #kettlebell #strength

Early bird dinner 🐧 on a rare early day off from work! I set off the fire alarm grilling my salmon but it was totally worth it because it turned out perfectly 😍 what’s your favorite way to cook salmon?? I also sautéed about 1/3 bag of Tuscan kale 🌱 plus two pearl tomatoes and half an avocado. So many great flavors 💯 hope you guys had a wonderful Wednesday! #iChooseToBeWell

RESTORE || this week I attended a workshop on what a major player sleep is in our health + wellness. Dr. Jennifer Martin is a lead researcher on the importance of sleep and she dropped some major wisdom on reasons to prioritize your 💤 at every age. Here are a few standouts!
• You’re sixty percent more likely to contract a cold with 4 hours vs 8 hours of sleep
• Only 3% of the population actually does well on less than 7 hours of sleep. Although all of NYC thinks that’s them, newsflash, you actually need 7 to 8!
• The first thing your body sacrifices when it’s in a state of sleep debt is metabolic health! So if you’re trying to lose body fat, get to bed folks.


Huge shout out to this group of fierce athletic dancers tonight! They showed up not realizing they were going to walk away with some surprise swag! @bombassocks for all! 💕
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