Future: imma need
Me: freshhhh aiirrrrrrr
@future @bentleyszn

@realcoleworld admit it bruh I inspired you too start signing vinyls. Who had one signed before me? NOBODY I was the only one at the concert who brought one. And now you just signing them giving them away to fake ass fans. That prolly only heard KOD . C’mon man you know how much planning I hadda do for that shit bruh... smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ I coulda sold mine for like 200$ right there but I didn’t . Maxed my credit card out just to see you. And prayed for that shit. These people you giving away autographs not gone miss you when you’re gone man...! Sum prolly even gon try to resell em. Idk I guess the moral of the story is ion feel special no more... 😞 #jcole #4youreyezonly #4youreyezonlytour #kod #coleworld #dreamville

🎹 @m_bailouni N @menon_official just stepping up the bar,, you cut us off man too soon but I’m STiLL digesting EPIPHANY oF a MiSFiT! DOWNLOAD the ALBUM or stream it oN ANY platform dM me your thoughts and i will send you a Hard Copy oF the cD only 104 will original copies will be sent out 4 EVER

Small J Cole sketch I did, challenged myself this time to not use my eraser👌

“How long can I survive with this mentality” #JCole #4YourEyezOnly


@TrippieRedd Showing Some Respect For @RealColeWorld

Incredible 🔥 artwork by: @illestration

Favourite Track(s) Off Kod? 📸: @_carlos.alejandro

He’s getting better. Improving everyday is all that matters. #eatmonlife #keepingupwiththeeatmons #progression #coleworld #c5

to go or not to go to dreamville fest and experience this magic again ...

Martin Luther King would have been on Dreamville

What a Wonderful 🌍 #ColeWorld #KingCole

Ooooh yes, it’s a berry nice day in the bay here today! I’m not very good at puns 😂 but I tried! Anywho. Baked cheese crackers. 10 mins prep. 10 mins bake. I now have a new fav snack for Silas! They’re soooo easy and such a hit, I basically gobbled most of them but he liked what he had 🤷‍♀️😂

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