Good morning ☕🌴 #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017
Coffee tastes like #dunkin in the U.S 😁 So happy to be here. Don't be afraid to get lost... You can find cool places with good coffees. 📍Somewhere far from the tourist places 🌴


#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 next stop: @theboxdonut
3 weeks ago I was here for a latte after a job interview. These places are my favorite: you can sit next to the window, enjoy your coffee ☕ the city (oh, Budapest 💓), and this case donuts, too. These yummy donuts are really tasty and full with cream - I think I have to get another one right now! 😁 You can find this cute place at 📍 Nyugati Pályaudvar, Budapest

Diplomaosztós reggeli a győri Vital caféban #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017
Gluténmentes, vegàn ételek, finomságok a buszpályaudvar mellett 😊 chiapudingos zabkásás cucc piros bogyós gyümivel a tetején 👌🎆

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 @jamgyor
Új kávézó a kihívásban, hiszen nem jártam még itt, de #definetly megérte! Latte menő kübliben és a ráadás kedvenc zabkása 😍☕

#coffeetimechallenge2017 Karolina kávéház #balatonfured ☕💋
Egyre jobban állok az idei kihívással, es örülök, hogy olyan helyekre is eljuthattam, mint a Karolina 😊 A kávéjuk nem lesz a kedvencem, de a kiszolgálás csillagos ötös voltam. Ja, és van poszt róla a blogon ➡ www.natussshka.com

A Kokó cukrászda több évtizede díszíti Veszprém kedves kis paneldzsungelét, nekem is gyerekkori emlékeim fűződnek ide, hiszen már akkor is menő volt betérni egy-egy sütire. Teltek az évek, felnőttem, sok-sok évig nem jártam itt, viszont a felújítás hírei birizgálták a fantáziámat. Egy hete jártunk itt húgommal egy kis államvizsga ünneplésre, örömmel (v)ettem a #paleo sütiket - ha már egyszer hiányzik egy kis dolce vita - és a hatalmas latte macchiato is élvezhetően finom! Ma reggel véletlen egybeesések miatt ejtettem útba a Kokót és volt még mit felfedezni: #brunch jellegű finomságok, mint például ez a tökmagolajkrémes, sonkával és füstölt sajttal "töltött" panini. Süt a nap, isteni kávéval élvezhetem ezt a szombat reggelt. Köszönöm Kokó ☕🍰🍳

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 next stop in #stpetersburg 🇷🇺 the @cakeandbreakfast
Definitely one of my best decisions was today to come here. Such a nice Monday afternoon with a big cup of #cappuccino yay ☕ This is THE place what I recommend for you if you like brunches and nice coffees. A cozy, tiny cafe where you can eat nice salads and yummy cakes of course 😍 prices are cool, my big double cappuccino (370 ml) costs 200 rubles (~€3.2). Oatmeal from 2 euro, salads from 4 euros. The perfect place for your brunch! 🍰🍲☕
📍Saint Petersburg, Kirochnaya . 9, metro Chernysevskaya

Actually I didn't plan to come here but I didn't find what I wanted yesterday and then I just saw Double B, so nice outside, how is it inside?
Usually I don't pay that much for a coffee (300 rubles ~€5), but I'm glad I did it.
Do you know that feeling when you automatically add sugar to your coffee before you even tried? Because you expect it'll be burned and has a strong notfancy taste: welcome in the club, but not here! This cappucino is like silk and tasty AF! ☕ Unfortunately there was not too much food to eat but I forgive 😊 I'm saying double yes to #doublebspb 👌☕🇷🇺

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 5th cafe: @coffee3spb
My favorite cafe so far in Saint Petersburg 🇷🇺 📍 Aptekarskiy pr., 4. (metro Petrogradskaya)

Friendly, minimalist cafe with nice coffees, really like how baristas taking care of every coffee they make. ☕
You need to try #levander coffee and enjoy the beautiful , peaceful view 🌁 Prices are friendly, coffees and cakes from 150 rubles 🍰 (~€2.4). Can't wait to be back 😏

You can find the most #instagramable coffee at @hugsbar_spb in Saint Petersburg 📍 Gribodeyov channel 38. This place remind me of a cozy house in the middle of forest where I can be a small girl back to my childhood 😊 Mostly is a bar, so you can find here food, alcohol, or this coffee (from 200 ruble ~ €3.2)

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 3rd lovely cafe of the challenge: @madespressoteam
My favorite thing all the time to ask for the biggest coffee what's usually a latte. But here is a nice #cappucino what was so delicious I had to ask one more ☕😁 Because this nice atmosphere and cozy feeling made me and my friends to get inspired and planning a lot of good stuff. I think I've never spent 5 hours in a café but here we could. Thanks to the barista ladies for the nice and precise coffees and yummy breakfasts 🍳🍲👌Prices: 3/5, this big cappuccino costs 200 ruble (€2.8) and breakfasts even from 150 ruble!
📍 The café is close to the center (metro Vosstanya) you can find at Sovetskya street 27, Saint Petersburg 🇷🇺
Bring your friends! 😊☕

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 I was so excited when i got here (okay, I'm always excited about coffee BUT). This place took my heart ♥... Minimalist design, enough place to enjoy your coffee partner ... And of course nice coffees ☕ "I am late with latte" - isn't it cute AF? These postcards made my day like the sandwich. Ruccola, some bacon, pear and something caramelized ➡ sandwich of the year - even tho it's just the 4th of January!
Do you like to play? Or collect things? Collect coffees! Buy 6 coffees at @grancoffee the 7th is for free 😍

Prices: 3/5 my super late latte costs 180 ruble ~ €2,8 (XL latte to go for 200 ruble if the size matter for you 😁).
Find Grán coffee at 📍 Gorokhovaya street 46., Saint Petersburg 🇷🇺 Don't forget to bring your friends! ☕👥

Hello 2017, say hi to my next challenge: #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017
I'm going to discover at least 50 cafes around the world. First coffee at #smalldouble in Saint Petersburg 🇷🇺 This cozy cafe is in the city center at Kazanskaya ulitsa 26. Why should you come here? Nice cafe with delicious coffees and yummy breakfast or sandwiches. Plus you can drink your coffee with nutmilk (like this fancy one on the picture: #cappuccino w almond milk). Prices 4/5, you can find cappuccino from 150 ruble (around €2.4), cappuccino w nutmilk from 250 ruble (~ €4). @smalldoublecafe

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