A #COFFEE☕️ a day keeps your laziness away!

Desperately trying to clean my house. Maybe this will help.
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Not just for LEOs but for anyone who wants to be prepared. Fact: one will use physical conditioning, medical and DT skills WAY before a firearm. So where should you focus your time? 🤷🏻‍♂️Guess I’ll live ———————————————————
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🌸☕️ Coffee on Sunday legit tastes better than any other day of the week! • •

Kindness is like coffee, it awakens your spirit and improves your day.

Who loves to start their morning with coffee? 🙋🏻‍♀️ While I know there are some coffee haters out there, I drink my coffee every morning. Hot or iced, depends on my mood and the seasons. Lately it's been nothing but iced because this humdity is BRUTAL y'all.
While I love my coffee, I also count macros. Many creamers out there are very high in sugar or fat. I can drink my coffee black but I like some flavor every now and then! With counting macros, my biggest struggle has always been hitting my protein goals for meals. There are SO many options for carbs and fats but protein, for me, I have to really make an effort to get my daily goals in. We aren't all perfect. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I have recently found a few ways to spice up my coffee while adding protein, so I thought I would share! Level-1 Caramel Latte from @1stphorm reminds me of the instant coffee packs you get from Starbucks. But while those are just loaded with carbs and sugar, Level-1 is a protein powder so win! The macros for Caramel Latte are 23P/3F/7C. So it's not strict protein, but it is better than a lot of options! It is also a protein that is created for a sustained release which helps to mimic the assimilation rates of whole foods. Aka, helps you stay a little fuller a little longer! The link for this protein is in my bio!
Next option is @muscleegg Chocolate Mocha flavor. Muscle egg creates flavored egg whites that have such a smooth texture, you won't even notice the difference! I would say that adding muscle egg to my coffee gives it the same consistency as adding a store bought creamer. Chocolate Mocha is my favorite but they have a ton of flavors!
Jordan Skinny syrups are also a life saver! SF vanilla is my go to, but adding a little Hazulnet as well can give you a french vanilla taste!
I switch my iced coffee between Calfia Farms and Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate depending on which one is on sale 🤷🏻‍♀️
I would love to hear your coffee creations! I'm always up for trying something new! DM me or my email is on my profile 🖤🙌🏻 (products are tagged in photos!)
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Had very inspiring conversation with one of my customers few days ago. He said that the key to success is passion and hard work, no matter what you do. Totally agree but what does it actually mean? When I went back to London few month ago I saw one of the baristas searching for defective coffee beans in the hoper. This to me is a sign of dedication. He cares about the coffee he sells so much that he’ll go through whatever it takes to deliver exceptional cup every time. Thats passion!
Oooo and @acaiacoffee scale is so cool it actually detects a weight of 1 #coffeebean 😱 awesome!
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DEFINTION OF THE WORD INFERNO: A large uncontrollable fire that is spreading.

Well... once again, INFERNO is spreading our passion to yet another major city! We feel this is a perfect time to do a giveaway!! We want to give one lucky winner a 6 pack of our craft Cold Brew!

All you need to do to enter our giveaway is

1. Follow our page and like this post
2. Tag your friends who love coffee *1 tag = 1 entry! tag as many friends as you'd like
3. Guess what city we are coming to next!

We will announce the winner Friday the June 29th!

Good Luck!!

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