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Thoughts on this?🤔

🏀🤔 LeBron James was left sprawling on the ground after contact from David Lee

LMAO Drake is the biggest bandwagon ever😂😂
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Perfect example. Why is LEBRON telling TYRONN LUE TO CALL A DAMN TIMEOUT? Blatt wasn't having this bs. Lue is getting his ass ran over like it ain't shit. 😶

@dloading is a savage for this 😂😂👀


@wisesnacks Grilled Cheeseburger 3.75/5

@wisesnacks Grilled Cheeseburger potato chips: Everything great about America in a single bag. Our expert panel of chip tasters was not prepared for the outcome and adventure of these chips. After the bag was half depleted, a fleet of 1967 Camaros appeared in the parking lot. We all jumped into the drivers' seats, Dukes of Hazzard style. Channeling the essence of Burt Reynolds mustache, we raced our very own Cannonball Run straight into the arid desert of Nowhere USA. The Grand Canyon stood before us, blocking our path. The ghost of Elvis appeared in the shimmering heat. "Check your shifters!" he yelled, eating a banana & peanut butter sandwich and disappearing in a haze of Jailhouse Rock. There was an extra gear - marked with an E. One a time, we shifted into E and the Camaros turned into Transformer Eagles, easily crossing the rocky depths of the Canyon. We landed and sped on to the ocean. Michael Bay exploded something in the background, but cool guys don't look at explosions - so we ignored him. All this from a chip that tastes remarkably like the picture on the bag. Mustard. Pickle. Cheese. Burger. Brilliant. Pair with moonshine and plenty of extra vacation days. #magnumpi

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It's in a league of its own! One taste and you will never look at water the same!
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87/365 - haven't left my house all day bc I'm a bum so here's a photo from november that I'm still obsessed with !!!!!!

I will always love this quote ❤ Little girls, know your power! 💪

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