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I'm really glad to have my supportive girlfriend beside me throughout this journey, and I thank you all, family and friends, for the support you've shown me. Till next time! #CLEOSGEB #CLEOBachelor #CLEOSGEBVOTEFORME #CLEOEB_RaizRazak

How more narcissistic can one get than posing beside his own poster in his own pose lmao 🌚🌚🌚
πŸ“Έ: @bryanpjh .

Model by day, stripper by night.πŸ˜‰
Here's a snippet of what went down at @zouksingapore last night!! @cleo_singapore
#CleoBachelors2017 #StripTease #MagicMarcus #cleosgeb #cleobachelor

When you eat Oreos till you become a CLEO bachelor 😍 #cleosgeb #cleobachelors2017 #cleo #zoukSG #cleobachelor

Meet the winners of CLEO Bachelors: (from left) Freshest Face Leon Marckus, CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor Amos Ngeow and Talk of the Town Kishan. J. Visit CLEO.com.sg to read our chat with the guys, and stay tuned to the July issue for more. #CLEOBachelor #CLEOSGEB

Girls' night out to support our multi-talented instructor / choreographer @angelikespicy
#cleobachelors2017 #cleosgeb #cleobachelor

The Bachelor of our hearts and souls! #cleosgeb #cleobachelor

Virgin zouk enter to support my ham boys. ❀️ No photo with @jaxljw cause I didn't catch his flying kiss (low key annoyed right?😏) #cleosgeb #cleo #cleoeb #zouk #eligiblebachelor

first time stepping into the new zouk compound last friday. (shocking, i know 🌚) thanks baby for giving me the honour of being your date for that event! 😻 #cleosgeb #cleobachelor


Here's a throwback to our BBQ/Potluck & it was finger licking good @jaxljw| (Late comers; @itsleonmarkcus & @baddcheeks)
#CLEOSGEB #CLEObachelor #CLEOreunion17

Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors "Talk of the Town" How befitting an award for someone who literally talks way too much and glad he does it for a living.
Thank you Cleo Singapore for having me and presenting me with this award.
Showing that personality can win.
To the other boys who took part in this years #cleosgeb it was great meeting all of you! #funnycanwin #cleo #cleosg #tookmelongenough

Thanks for the photo, you're my favourite. HAHA 😚❀️ #throwback #CLEOSGEB

This cant be our last cheer guys πŸ˜„ Lets meet up soon for dinner! #sexpressions #CLEOBachelor #cleosgeb #zouk #abs #striptease

Talk of the Town (PC) :@leonardlyy

@j.jaikishan is our faourite #cleobachelor

Meet the winners of CLEO Bachelors: (from left) Freshest Face Leon Marckus, CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor Amos Ngeow and Talk of the Town Kishan. J. Visit CLEO.com.sg to read our chat with the guys, and stay tuned to the July issue for more. #CLEOBachelor #CLEOSGEB

Did you know that apart from being one of @cleo_singapore Top 30 Eligible Bachelors (The Freshest Face: @thefaceshop_sg ) Markcus was also one of the finalist for @teenagemagazine Gorgeous You! 2016
Here's a snippet of a recent video where teenage challenges Markcus to recite pick up lines while having his mouth filled with marshmallows. Will he succeed in winning your hearts ladies? πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
Watch the full video on his Facebook Page to find out! Search LEON MARKCUS on FB now!
#teenagemagazine #TGY2017 #cleo2017 #cleosgeb #cleobachelor

Happy birthday to one of the strongest, most independent and smartest person i know! I know i can always count on you! Who says you have to be blood related to be sisters πŸ‘­ Can't wait to travel with you in a couple of days 😘 Wishing you a awesome year ahead.. When life gets you down, kick it in the face!! 😜 i'm always here for you πŸ™†πŸ’ͺ Also, this picture will constantly remind me of exactly what you want for your hen's night hahahaaπŸ‘―#cleobachelor #cleosgeb #salablabbies

When dance rehearsals go back to back and you realise there isn't one the next day because the performance is over 😭😭😭 Thank you everyone for this fantabulous experience of a life time😭😭 #CleoBachelors2017 #CleoSGEB #CleoBachelor #StripTease #Sexpression #MagicMarcus #ZoukSG #Singapore

Let me see, where can I start? Friday was filled with a whirlwind of excitement, major nerves and fulfilment. Found the reason why I crossed paths with all these amazing individuals of CLEO Bachelors 2017 and I'm totally blessed beyond words. Thank you @cleo_singapore for this platform πŸ™πŸΌ

To all of my friends, family members and silent supporters, thank you so much for all of your support, really. First time putting myself in such light; a participant rather than just a dancer/performer, a change agent rather than just a follower. And I'm already very contented to know that at least I've inspired a few people (thank you for your texts) I feel, that itself is a major accomplishment and fulfilment.

AND EVERYONE PLS TAKE A MOMENT TO CONGRATULATE @amosngeow FOR WINNING THE TITLE! This bro deserves it and I'm proud of him! woooottttssss!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ If there's 2 things that I learnt from him, it will be to take things easy and love yourself more πŸ™†πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

And with #SEXpression, thank you for being open-minded, sporting and vulnerable for this performance. One of the fun performances to be together in, and boy, they are all hardworking af! They've got moves to kill now 🀘🏼

At least I have these dudes to vouch for me and to show that dancing like this has nth to do with any sexual intentions, since people always associate this with a sleazy lifestyle. See it as a breakthru for #confidencegains and being #comfortableinyourownskin
Anyways, gonna save this for another post πŸ˜‰

That aside, rehearsals had always been fun, with @soapshong having to put up with all our quirks and retarded moments in studio (I know you likey) 🀣 Thank you so much to you, @lushcake and the whole team for taking care of us and managing the whole event smoothly.

And for @angelikespicy, knowing that you're doing this totally felt like a warm cosy reunion! It was really a much needed catch up and I'm glad to know you so much better from this as well. Be strong, have patience and things will take its course πŸ˜‰

This is definitely not the end, but in fact a new beginning for many and bigger things to come. Looking forward to that BBQ alr 😊

#CLEOSGEB #CLEOBachelors2017

This week has been a tremendous one for @thestyleatelier and @styleunionsg . 3 workshops (at @lasallesingapore , @republicpoly and @mindefsg respectively), an event styling for @cleo_singapore, a campaign shoot for @nus_singapore , and many business meetings later, we are pretty maxed out. But I thank God for an amazing comrade like @violetchanseewann who is there with me every step of the way. Although we haven't had the opportunity to catch up on much rest but we are really very excited by the upcoming projects as well as the support from clients and friends. Also thank you @christinechiamakeup @crystalermakeup @dawnthemaomao @cherielingling and Jenessa for supporting #cleosgeb . Can't wait for the new week to start! πŸŒˆπŸ’—#pushthrough #thinkbigstartsmall #transformationalbeauty #bygracethroughfaith

Super fruitful weekend because our Xiao Mos won Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor 😍 & Cleo's editor in chief is Super Eye Candy Material 😢 Congrats @amosngeow !!!

Just pick one. #cleosgeb

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