Thank you @cleo_singapore for featuring me in the July’s Issue:) #CLEOSGEB

Allow me to show you how I do
Thank you for the feature in the July Issue! @cleo_singapore
Available in stores now!
Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2018 was an incredible journey and I’m appreciative to be awarded the Modern Man title 🙌🏻

Living the centerfold dream
Thank you @cleo_singapore for the feature in July's issue!#CLEOSGEB#cleobachelor2018

In life, no one can make it on their own. Whether someone opens a door for you. Or someone pushes you in the right direction.

Reluctantly, finally breaking out of my comfort zone to join CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2018 would never have been possible if not for a few people giving me some of that sweet ol' tough love. So thank you.

Thank you @iamrachelwan, @derekjsun, @justinvanderstraaten, @salismissingoutthere and @j.jaikishan. I'd not be the 'One To Watch' if not for you. 😂 I'll stop yabbering on now.

It's the weekend! But I'm stuck in camp till tomorrow... Hoorah!

Whaddya think? Can I pull off the Cuban fuckb0i chic look? The CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2018 winners' interview and photospread are available in the July issue in stores now.

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Normally, I cut my hair at those express salons/barbers because my hairstyle is pretty simple and I'm very clear on what I want. And it's mostly dependent on my work too.

However, I finally got around to pampering myself at @kimagegroup courtesy of @cleo_singapore! Of course, I still had to play it safe but hawt dayum did it feel good to have a proper cut and wash at last. Got dat undercut, fade and hard part by Ally from the Kovan outlet.

Just in time for turning 26 too!

Here are some of the highlights from last week's CLEO's Most Eligible Bachelors final last week! And, if you'd like to read my interview on being the One To Watch, it's available on my Facebook page. TGIF!

BEST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE!!! 🎉🌟😆(clearing up all my posts, because exam just ended!!)
Oh, what was I sharing to the crowd? Just a fact about me on how to tell if I'm seriously into you 😍😝:
"...If I stare into your eyes deep and long enough, followed by a warm smile, this means that I...?"
A) have been thirstayy for ya 💦
B) am about to tell you that you have squid bits between your teeth 🐙
C) really, really like you 🙈
To my dearest friends, thank you so much for throwing me a bachelor party for the entire night! I had the most wonderful, wildest, and embarrassing night ever! 🤣 Who knew I could stayed up till 10am the next day??! Definitely a day in my life to remember, I can't love you guys enough ❤ - @shahrin_salleh @eugeneaspi @foofielucas @tonytfani @carrottrie @sitioliwa @leitchpeach @leonnoelimagery @mfaris96 @jovannaaaa @khai_poorie @choon_voon .
#cleosgeb #singapore #bachelorparty

#throwback to Cleo’s most eligible bachelor finals party! 🎊🎉🎈Thank you @cleo_singapore for this amazing opportunity and thanks to everyone who voted for me. And of course @looquemodels & @_marcusac_ thanks for nominating me! This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you guys! Special thanks to @thegenesisgym for always keeping me in shape 🏋🏽‍♂️ and to the star of the night @ngzxxn congratulations bro! #cleosgeb #definitlyanighttoremember #latergram #levissg #swatchsg

My most amazing bunch of fam ever!!! ❤💜🧡💙💛💚🌟
To us who are not afraid to be ourselves even at my exclusive event, because boy did we turn this place into a dance club with even dance battles amongst ourselves!! 🤣🎉 (check it out on my story highlights!) How much awesome-er can you guys be?!!
You guys have made it the most publicly embarrassing day (due to your chanting and screaming out my name even on the streets!🤦‍♂️), but also THE BEST DAY of my entire life, that I didn't mind staying up for the whole night till 10am the next day!! #myfirstime
Thank you so much for constantly showing me your support, always pushing me out of my comfort zone, being the realest friends ever, and especially when at first I decided to keep this CLEO Bachelor thing super low key to even a secret, you guys went ALL OUT on this for me till I had no choice haha!
To my insanely awesome and talented brothers @foofielucas @tonytfani @leonnoelimagery , you guys left me utterly speechless when you told me that you wanted to do some photoshoot for me. I innocently thought that it was just gonna be like backdrops and cam with a flash, till I stepped in the studio... I. went. nuts... A FULL. PROFESSIONAL. PHOTOGRAPHY. SETUP! WHUT?! 🤣 Pretty sure my eyes went as wide as plates as my jaw and spirit dropped to the floor...🤦‍♂️😵😂! I still can't thank you guys enough! ❤
My dear friends, I'm not gonna say "to more events", because we know that everyday with us together, it's always an occasion for people to stare at.. 😂 I love you guys so much, and all the best with our exam in 2 days!!! ❤
#cleosgeb #cleomagazine #singapore #sg


Everything still feels like a blur to me now, legit never thought I’ll ever participate in something like this. 😂
But I’m glad I did (thanks @allephantalfred for nominating me) cos I’ve made many new friends and tried stuff I’ve never done before HAHA.

Wanna thank my parents and friends for coming down to support me!! Believe it or not, it’s also my first time at Zouk LOL.
Also to those of you who voted for me, wished me countless of times.. I’m damn touched and thankful for you guys!
Y’all da real MVP! 😘🤘🤘🤘

Lastly I just wanna thank @cleo_singapore for the amazing opportunity, my noona @soapshong (or 小Lian) for taking care of us and @ronggyinn for assisting in da shoots!! Much love to the sponsors as well @swatch @levis_singapore @drhaachaesthetic @haachsg @kimagegroup @urbandecaycosmetics !
#cleosgeb #cleoeb_glenn

ELIGIBLE enough for you? Thanks @cleo_singapore for the opportunity!

Do It Like Mike •
Quick snippet from my show for Cleo’s Eligible Bachelor 2018 👊🏻
Slots for “Do It Like Mike” still available on the 29th May. Hope to see you there 😉
Take the moves from the movie “Magic Mike” into real life. Learn the fundamentals and techniques of male stripping and flaunt your stuff. Trial class for both male and females. No prior dance experience required 🙌🏻
Wear comfortably. Optional to wear something easy to strip off (tank top, zip hoodie etc.)
Bring knee pads in cases of floorwork
Sign up over at www.slap.sg (@slapdancestudio & @leodoesacro)
Thank you Papi Chulos, Sophie & our choreographer, Saddy for making this experience so much fun. The journey wouldn’t have been the same without you guys 🙌🏻
#cleosgeb @cleo_singapore

Shout-out to my first and hopefully my last strip dance crew, the #papichulos!
@njltheawesome @leodoesacro @rrrazh @raynerlimjs Thanks for all the guidance throughout the weeks of practice and putting in the effort in making us look good! Special thanks to @littlemisssaddy from #slapdancestudio for teaching us and taking our bullshit and our mama-chulo @soapshong for chaperoning us. If you want to learn some Magic Mike moves, slide into @leodoesacro dm to find out about his class. For the full performance, visit Cleo's website! @cleo_singapore
Finally, thank you @kimagegroup and @urbandecaycosmetics for dolling us up for the big day!

Meet your CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors Finalists 2018! 🎉😆
NEVER in my entire life have I ever been surrounded by 27 gigantic, handsome, and sexy Eligible Bachelors!!🔥(pssst, start stalking them by their tags below! 😉)
Should've seen the look on my face when I finally got to meet all of the boys...*GULP*
If I had a paper bag that could fit my head, I would've been wearing it for the entire night!
Being in this journey had been the MOST that I've been out of my comfort zone since 987 Radio Star, nonetheless, I'm glad that I stayed on ☺. Learning to not be afraid to be myself and finally have the courage to put myself out there, is the best feeling ever! Definitely a day of my life to remember!
Special thanks to @cleo_singapore @levis_singapore @swatch @urbandecaycosmetics @kimagegroup for making us look and feel awesome! 🤩 AND Congratulations to @ngzxxn for being the CLEO Bachelor of 2018!! 🎉 So ladies, the line is officially, OPEN! 😆 Go nuts with this handsome fella! 💐💍😏
Hunks to STALK and start planning your wedding! 😝 You're welcome
@acmossadeg @njltheawesome @rrrazh @leodoesacro @nikolaidavid @josecleo2018 @zaid____zac @howdydoody_ @kenkeylee @dust_lim @yamin.yusof @louthex @markhuangz @hadidanial__ @jasperlee27 @joshyen93 @juwaidijumanto @cm_nivlekoh @mathewchongkc @hanweyy @raynerlimjs @arulazhakan @wafflecreamies @d3anmartin @glennyqh
#cleosgeb #Singapore #cleomagazine

Here’s a sneak peek of the video you’ve been waiting for: CLEO Bachelors striptease performance. Head to our website or Facebook page to watch the full video.

Cleo bachelor but still no girls like...LOL jk. It was a great experience meeting all these Cleo bachelors and being a part of it. Thanks for all the well wishes on IG and the friends who came down. Don’t have the pics of some of you but you know who you are, really appreciate it! 🙏🏼
Props to the cleo team for organising this and @soapshong for being so nice all the way. Much thanks to the sponsors @drhaachaesthetic @haachsg @swatch @levis_singapore @urbandecaycosmetics for supporting this too. Till next time! @cleo_singapore #CLEOSGEB

CLEO's Most Eligible Bachelors 2018 has officially come to an end! It has been a wonderful adventure! I've met so many amazing people who are experts in their own craft. So grateful to have had the opportunity to stand amongst them! 🤴🏻
I've made some great friends along the way and learnt a lot from them. I'd like to thank The Papi Chulos (Our striptease team) especially for making the journey so memorable! And so proud that 2 of them clinched awards. @leodoesacro for achieving the Modern Man and @ngzxxn who is Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2018. Acknowledging @rrrazh for all his effort in the competition and @raynerlimjs for being the joker and stepping up to the challenge having never danced at all.
The 2 other people I would like to thank are @soapshong our Mami Chulo who took care of us throughout the entire journey and @littlemisssaddy who coached our striptease team and being very patient with all our nonsense. 😅
Thank you to everyone who rooted/voted for me and to those that came down to support me! I hope I did you guys proud! ❤

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