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Chicken Alfredo Penne!! 😋
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Is there anything better than the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls baking in the oven on a Sunday morning? Get the recipe in the link in our bio.👆
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happy Sunday fam 😍 make a batch of our tasty #vegan caramel pecan cinnamon rolls! Check LINK IN PROFILE for the recipe 👆🏼

Po 2- godzinnej walce z nowym piekarnikiem- w końcu się upiekły🙉🙌🏻 🍪 Patrząc na moje wypieki wygląda na to, że nic innego oprócz cynamonków piec nie umiem😂 ale jak już mówię, ze coś upiekę to wtedy ktoś podrzuca pomysł: upiecz cynamonki😂 ale w końcu nadejdzie taki dzień, że upiekę coś innego🙉
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When We (@chancy94 @veganlioness) and I get together to try #vegan @benandjerrys newest vegan flavors we go BIG 🙈 HAHAHAHAH! Chancy really enjoyed the cherry Garcia the most! But he says the pb cookies and cream is his all time fav! And Kristin and I really liked the coconut 7 layer the most 😍😍😍 ripe banana, Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, @jemorganics doesn't hurt either🙈 although we ended up eating our ice cream with WARM freshly baked banana bread from the cutie @sweetsimplevegan blog! You MUST MAKE IT ! So yum✨😌 indulgence at its finest.

Unos Cinnamon Rolls como estos nos alegrarán el fin de semana, ¿no creen? Aquí tienen la receta! Y si la preparan, me etiquetan y usan #SoyCocinero en sus publicaciones para ver cómo les fue.

Para los Rolls:
4 tazas de Harina
⅓ taza Mantequilla
½ taza de Azúcar
1 Huevo
1 taza de Leche tibia
1 sobre de Levadura seca
1 pizca de Sal

Para el relleno:
2 cucharadas de Canela
⅓ taza de Mantequilla
200 gr de Azúcar morena

Para el Glaseado:
100 gr de Queso crema tipo Philadelphia
100 gr de Azúcar glas
30 ml de Agua caliente.

-Disuelve la Levadura en la Leche tibia.
-Añade el Azúcar, la Mantequilla, Sal, Huevo y la Harina. Mezcla bien.
-Forma una bola grande con la masa y colócala en un bowl para que repose. Deja reposar hasta que doble su volumen. Cubre el bowl con un par de paños de cocina y deja unos 30-40 minutos aproximadamente.
-Estira la masa sobre una superficie enharinada con la ayuda de un rodillo y forma un rectángulo grande.
-Precalienta el horno a 400 grados F
-Para el relleno, combina la Azúcar morena, la Canela y la Mantequilla.
-Esparce el relleno por todo el rectángulo de la masa y con la ayuda de un cuchillo, corta los Rolls que queden gruesos.
-Coloca los Rolls en una bandeja para horno y hornea por 10 minutos o hasta dorar.
-Para el Glaseado, combina todo los ingredientes y reserva.
-Cuando los Rolls estén listos, báñalos con el Glaseado.
📽️: @everything_delish

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Plan: day off from work, so exercise, make a smoothie, get house cleaned up. Reality: lay on couch watching walking dead for hours, make cinnabuns, consume. 😩
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Some mornings you oversleep for work, some mornings you're on time, your makeup is on point, and school happens to be canceled but you don't know it until you are in the parking lot. Either way it worked out because mom tried cinnamon roll pancakes. #cinnamonrolls #pancakes #Iwentbacktobed

Because it's #familyday... So why not have cinnamon rolls for breakfast ..
. @lem_90 .
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Kanelbullens dag!!! / Cinnamon bun day!!! Thanks to the chef who put them in the oven @moafridholm hahaha 👩🏻‍🍳
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Cinnamon Rolls by Abdaliz. Oh so delicious!!!! Would you like to take a bite?
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Found a new treat in the supermarket today... so moreish ♡ if you love cinnamon rolls, you'll love these! #foodporn #lovefood #yummy #sweettooth #yum #nibbles #cinnamonrolls

Cinnamon roll to start off President's Day! ❤

These sticky buns are a family favorite that I usually reserve for special days like Christmas morning, our annual Easter Egg hunt and Family Day mornings. I always prep them the night before so they're ready to be baked in the morning. Nothing beats a fresh cinnamon bun hot out of the oven. This is my Cinnabon Clone Cinnamon Buns Recipe that can be found #ontheblog
This recipe is part of a round up with @foodbloggersca with 20+ other sticky bun recipes. I didn't know you could make sticky buns so many ways!!
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Quattro brevi - ma intensi - giorni di vacanza all'insegna della cicciosità e del lato oscuro // #vscocam #vscobook #vsco #yummy #food #pancakes #sushi #cinnamonrolls #darthvader #cometothedarkside #legostarwars

Happy Monday and Family Day! Hubby let me sleep in while he got some cleaning done and now for a yummy treat! #eatcakeforbreakfast #familytime