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Cinema '76 🎟

Accompanied by my friend @jasonparulan15, it was recently we got to visit Cinema '76, a highclass cinema for independent films at Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan City. To experience watching the film "Ang Larawan", 2017's MMFF Best Picture, there was a really fluid and comfortable experience, one for the books and a must-try pilgrimage for all movie enthusiasts. With a space where you can relax by how you watch movies at home, Cinema '76 provides a cozy avenue (soft couches to rest and pillows to hug) to view the best that Philippine cinema has to offer. I do hope to come again and experience films that are not easily accessible from your major cinema houses. Cinema '76 is where independent films gets to have a home for their own, a chance for them to be appreciated by many more individuals who failed to catch them upon their initial limited releases. Named after an era of Philippine movie renaissance, Cinema '76 is a true "Home for Independent Filipino Films." Cinema '76 Experience: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
(5/5 Stars, Perfect Avenue for Movie Viewing)

#Cinema76 #AngLarawan #JJTravelGoals #JJMoviePilgrimage

...and the best thing to come out of my metropolitan expedition! 😍. This is my pick for most memorable Filipino film of 2017. I eagerly urge that everyone who has enjoyed this film to buy the DVD as it goes a long way of supporting great films like this and others more to come πŸ‘Œ

#imdrunkiloveyou #indiefilm #cinema76

an experience of last year's majestic MMFF Best Picture "Ang Larawan" at Cinema '76 🎟 (movie review coming up soon...) #AngLarawan #MMFF2017 #Cinema76 #JJTravelGoals

Kung gusto nyo manood ng kalidad na pelikulang Filipino, subukan nyo dito. Indie Films should be more appreciated. Suportahan natin ang mga lokal na "story tellers". #philippinecinema #indiefilm #movie #film #cinema #cinema76 #supportlokal

Hilig sa Indie lalo na sa Indie tayo mahal. πŸ˜’πŸ€—πŸ˜‚ #Cinema76

Mga Bes nood tayo ulit ng Im Drunk I Love You sa Cinema76! #MajaSalvador #PauloAvelino #ImDrunkILoveYou #cinema76 @iammajasalvador @pauavelino @jphabac @cinema76fs

The best of both lightings :-P

#cinema76 #smallerandsmallercircles

One ticket, home

#Birdshot still showing in #Cinema76

#AngLarawan is still showing in #Cinema76

Cinema '76

ATM: Cinema '76. πŸŽ₯🎬😁 #movietime #Cinema76 #sharedlives #blessedSunday

Hiatus starts.
Yay napanood ko na ang Ang Larawan. Thanks, Cinema '76!

Catch other Pinoy films til Jan 25 #SupportLocalFilms #AngLarawan #Cinema76

#Birdshot is back in #cinema76

Super cozy ng place, for the price of 150 petot, San ka pa!
Cute cinema goalssss πŸ˜­πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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