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"Memento" (2000).
•The Limited Edition DVD allows the movie to be watched in the exact chronological order of the events in the film. The first couple of scenes of the regular cut of the movie appear normal in this version, meaning they are not reversed. However, this version of the movie on Disc 2 is quite difficult to reach (the user must answer several questions and solve a puzzle), and forward, reverse, and chapter skip capabilities are disabled!
•Does someone of you have this DVD edition?

Why so serious? 🤔 What's your favorite Joker quote?

#UK 'INCEPTION' is playing on @itv2 tonight at 7.10pm ~

Photo 📸 : Press Conference for Inception | Paris | 2010 ~

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Christopher Nolan and David Fincher on Terrence Malick (continuation) 
I really am motivated by his films ❤️🔥🎥 What about you guys ?

Don't believe his lies.
Memento (2000), Christopher Nolan

A small Dunkirk cast reunion. The film received a standing ovation after being presented last night at the Egyptian Theater in California. #christophernolan #dunkirk

I love Inception. Incidentally, I don’t think Nolan would have liked this, as he is a firm believer in not patronising the audience. Comment below. 👇🏻 --- Must Follow
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That's when I started shadowing.When I started to follow people, specific people, when I selected a person to follow, that's when the trouble started. And when it stopped being random, that's when it started to go wrong.
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The Dark Knight Trilogy Coming to 4K Next Month. Full details over on the site. #Batman #BatmanBegins #TheDarkKnight #TheDarkKnightRises #ChristopherNolan

Love at first sight❤️🦇🎞 #christophernolan #batman #amordelgüeno

이 영화가 개봉한지 3년이 지났다. 개봉당시에 관람하고 몇일 지나고 또 보고싶어져서 영화관에 달려갔던 기억이 난다.그정도로 내게 임팩트가 컷고 3년여간 인터스텔라 이후 스크린에 개봉한 것들 중 이 영화보다 잘 만든 영화는 없다.
사랑합니다 놀란감독님

"La memoria può cambiare la forma di una stanza, il colore di una macchina, i ricordi possono essere distorti, sono una nostra interpretazione, non sono la realtà! Sono irrilevanti rispetto ai fatti..." Memento (2000)
#memento#film#christophernolan 🎬

Can’t wait to watch this masterpiece 👌👌 #dunkirk #movies #christophernolan #hanszimmer #bestmovieoftheyear

Rob and I's latest podcast is online now (link in bio!) In this episode we examine the 'dark and gritty' Hollywood trend and talk about our favourite documentaries and top films we defend against popular opinion.

Here’s my spoilers included , Justice League review. Okay, so I’ve been aDC fan for almost all my life lmao. And I’m not gonna kiss DC’s ass every movie they make just because I like DC. I feel like real fans will know that DC can do better and there were flaws. Anyway, over all it was okay. I didn’t love it. And I didnt hate it. Honestly I feel like Zack Snyder needs to leave DC. BUT THATS JUST ME. When Christopher Novel directed the Dark Knight Trilogy, he knocked it out the park. When Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman, she knocked it out the park. Zack needs to go. The box office for the movies he directs says it all. But I will say , I liked the casting of the league. I’m happy they didn’t leave any characters out (like Katanna in Suicide Squad). I laughed a lot in some parts. I love Ezra as The Flash and Ray as Cyborg. But the CGI in it absolutely sucked. I felt like I was watching Injustice 2 cutscenes. Also, Superman’s CGI mustache 😂 what a fucking joke. And I felt like DC was copying Marvel a tad bit with the after credit scene with the Flash and Superman race. BUT I LOVED SEEING DEATHSTROKE AT THE END WITH LEX LUTHOR

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