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Looking back onto the project highlights of 2017: Groundbreaking ceremony of the Lindt Chocolate Competence Center. Currently under construction in the immediate vicinity of Zurich, the center is intended as a place where visitors will be able to discover more about chocolate. Guiding the visitors towards the entrance, the façade’s curved line turns the open space into a protected plaza. The brightly glazed brick finish lends the building a distinctive character, while quoting other architectural features present on the campus. The center will house exhibition spaces, a research and demonstration facility, as well as a café, an auditorium and a shop. A grand atrium will connect all these activities and enhance the eminently public potential of the building. Visual © Christ & Gantenbein #christgantenbein #swissarchitecture #lindtchocolatecompetencecenter #architecture #design #lindt #lindtchocolate

#bolerotrifft jeden Monat interessante Persönlichkeiten. Textchefin @tina_bremer begegnete dieses Mal den Basler Architekten Emanuel Christ (links) und Christoph Gantenbein. Mehr über das Gespräch gibt es in der aktuellen Ausgabe zu lesen. #jetztamkiosk #januaryfebruary #issue #boleromagazin #christgantenbein #architektur #basel #design

Looking back onto the project highlights of 2017: Swiss Reformation Pavilion, Wittenberg (DE). The simple structure reflects on the primary dwelling: a trivial shelter mediating between “homeness” and holiness, while suggesting a place of production like a factory, or a sawmill. Built on an elongated plot in the Wittenberg city park, the pavilion is divided into four spaces: each one is dedicated to a different aspect of the cultural history of the Reformation in Switzerland. The light construction is painted white, it features a pitched roof supported by a regularly interrupted perimeter of thin wooden beams. The pavilions has no outer walls, a heavy coated fabric spanning the spaces through the pillars offers protection from the elements to the inner enclosures. Photos © Stefano Graziani #christgantenbein #swissarchitecture #design #architecturephotography #pavilion #reformation500 #wittenberg #stefanograziani

Looking back onto the project highlights of 2017: “Athens Series” designed for @maniera_brussels. Photos © Christian Kahl and @martina_bjorn
“Athens Series is not the expression of a personal, intimate idea, feeling, or obsession, but rather a statement that tries to challenge the question of authorship”. Interested in the apparent banality of the objet trouvé, Christ & Gantenbein imagined “architecture out of architecture”. Through a process of interpretation, misinterpretation, translation and transformation, a traditional cutting block found on a market was turned into a series of pieces that simultaneously suggest and exceed their frame of reference. Made of wooden blocks held together by cylindrical elements in a Japanese lock, the series proposes a family of objects: a table, a stool and a side table.
#christgantenbein #athensseries #manieragallery #collectibledesign #collectabledesign #design #furniture

Left: Picassohaus, Peter Märkli
Right: Nomad Hotel, Chist&Gantenbein
Two beautiful design side by side.
#basel #baselarchitecture #バーゼル #バーゼル建築 #partywall #共有壁 #urbanstructure #都市構造 #petermarkli #ピーターメルクリ #christgantenbein #クリストガンテンバイン #blackwhite #白黒 #facade #ファサード

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