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What's that spell? - SHOPPING MALL!!!..."
#JelloBiafra & #DOA #LastScreamOfTheMissingNeighbors LP (1989 #AlternativeTentaclesRecords - US OG pressing with an extra anti-censorship booklet)
- my favorite post #DeadKennedys Biafra's album (together with 2nd Lard receptę)
#JoeKeithley #BrianGoble #JohnCard #ChrisProhom #hardcorepunk #nowspinning #vinyljunkie

- Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors - Jello Biafra with D.O.A. - Alternative Tentacles - May 18, 1989 - Produced by Jello Biafra & Cecil English -- If you look really closely on the middle left side of the record you will see Jello Biafra's signature. I ran into him by happenstance at Atomic Records in Burbank, CA. He was looking for obscuro vinyl and cult girl groups for a sound collage he was working on. So I picked up Mutiny By the Bay, A live album that was released in 2001, to see if he would sign it. He said, "I absolutely won't sign that. That's an unofficial release that the other guys put out without my permission." I was so embarrassed. In my excitement in meeting arguably the greatest punk frontmen ever I totally forgot about the rift between him and the band. So he said, "I'll sign this one." And it was this album, which is an official Alternative Tentacles release. And probably the best work he's done post-Kennedys. Allmusic : "The first of Jello's post-Dead Kennedys collaborations was a barnburner; hooking up with Canada's legendary DOA ensured all the punk power that fans could want would be there in a big way. Even though Joey Keithley and company aren't quite as agile as Jello's ex-bandmates -- everything here is more brutally Motorhead in feel than the nervous aggro and sometimes restraint of the Kennedys -- this album can't be faulted for sheer crunch. Jello himself is in fine voice throughout, tackling his favored targets with the frenetic bile that he's made his own. Some of the songs have become outdated -- "Wish I Was in El Salvador" is very much of the '80s -- but "Attack of the Peacekeepers," memorably tarring NATO's forces as "the joke brigade," has had just as much of a point after Kosovo. "Power Is Boring" captures Jello at his most hilarious, pointing out how being a dictator must really stink. The wild card here is a spooky, mid-paced romp through the Animals' "We Gotta Get Outta This Place," with Jello's tremulous vocals suiting the lyrics perfectly and Keithley's backup on chorus fitting in, in its own rough way. The concluding, side-long "Full Metal Jackoff" takes absolutely no prisoners."

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