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Listen to this amazing #chuppahofdreams performed at the @therockleigh #countryclub #specialmoments #bride #groom #chosson #kalla#walkingdowntheisle

Conducted by: @yisroellamm
Vocals by: @yitzhenkin
Sound by: @solvetech
Catered by: @firstclasscaterers
Event Coordinator @jay_kay57
#Teameffort #Teamtproductions
"Music gives wings to the Soul"

One of my IG followers asks:

Q)Why did my boyfriend break up with me out of the blue & can I expect us to ever reconnect?

Cards Pulled: #9Cups, #Justice, #TheSun rx, #6Coins, & #9Coins

By the high numbered ranking of the cups & coins, we see a large investment of love and well-being associated with your question. Check out that pair of 9s!

It is often the case that readers will interpret the 9 Cups as the wish card, suggesting that what it is that you wish, will come true. Think carefully about what you wish for, because it might come true.

Our reversed sun appears to confirm that a certain level of contentment has expired, though it is such a wonderful card it is never bad even if inverted. It may be reflective of your sense of loss, abrupt as it was, & also serve as a reminder that all is not lost because of what was gained.

At the root, Justice makes an appearance. Perhaps a type of legal complication or sense of duty was a consideration in his departure? When Justice appears there is a strong suggestion that chips will fall just exactly as they should. Maybe something has to be worked out on his end, but you'll both get what you deserve. The lack of swords & batons can also suggest a lack of communication & passion. Maybe the fire went out.

None of your cards are unfavorable, in fact, this is a terrific spread & despite a brief bit of tarnish, you are none the worse for the wear. In fact, there remains a wealth of love and well-being.

This I feel, is reflective of who you are, generous & loving to the core. There are no swords or batons. Swords & batons represent male energy, which is not present in this spread. This is very much a spread abundant with female energy & presence. It's about you not missing a beat & not only moving on,but flourishing irrespective of his actions.

If you regard the 9 Cups as the wish card, & it is your wish for his return, receive him on your own terms. ~ Marilyn

#freetarotreading #HistoricTarotDecks

Mazeltov to Ilana Hoff (Southend, England) and Rigel (America) on their recent engagement! #Mazeltov #Lachaim #engagement #wedding #Kallah #Chosson #engagementphotos

This stunning 10K gold engraved cross pen is all ready to go to a special chosen for shabbos! #fatherinlaw#chosson#brother#husband#father#rebbe#gifts#present

I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be good.

Mazel Tov to my Very Good Friend, @KidsOfCourage Logistics Member, & RAJE Leadership Mentor, Yehuda Abraham & Rochella Neuhauser on their Beautiful Rocking KOC Wedding last night!!! •

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