Grr 😏😹

50's vibes

Happy Birthday @kathryngallagher 💕

Am I blurry In your vision ?
Was I just A poor decision?
Cut me open With precision .
And we'll finger The incision
Tell me what have I done ?
#cgm #cgmoretz #cgracemoretz #cgracem #chloegracemoretz #chloegracem #chloegmoretz #chloegm
Quid pro quo

Hİ EVERYONEE! I havent seen any turkish @chloegmoretz fanpage and i love moretz so much so i said LETS OPEN A FANPAGE so i am in hereee 🖤 hope y’all will love me and ma page, lots kiss and love 🖤🖤#chloegracemoretz #chloe #chloemoretz #chloegm #cgm


Oh boy!

I love you Chloë, don't hate me for this 😂💕


Never heard of her 😂

B for Beauties 💕

Happy Tuesday 💕

Chloë & Zack 💕 (Edit)

Quack, Quack 😘😂

Classy 💕

Beauties 💕

She was so afraid her dress was about to fall 😂😂😂💕

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