Last week on a walk by myself, without my little Leo 🐕 and with no phone 📱I had a long talk with my guides.
They started talking to me about the term “playing small” something that is often discussed in the personal and spiritual development fields.
They told me that, “Playing small simply put, is being a follower, and being a follower happens from allowing and believing other people’s expectations, projections and conditions that tell you who you are, who you should be and what you should do in the world.“
The word “should” was emphasized in their definition as this particular word carries much personal meaning but has no reference to one’s own individual experience. It’s always based off of another’s.
I got curious about this, because often the “playing small” description carries with it some judgment and shame. I asked them, “Then what does playing BIG mean in your perspective?”
Playing BIG they said, “is about owning, claiming and being your own self-leader and embodying the fullest expression of who you are, which starts from reprogramming your beliefs, dissolving the imprints of what others have imposed upon you and discovering what being YOU means by you, and no one else.”
Releasing the word “should” from your vocabulary also frees you up of other’s expectations of who you’re here to be. :
Because other people’s opinions whether they mean well or not are still based on limitation and how they see you and ultimately themselves. :
Part of playing BIG is you being YOU fully and magnificently! What a fun way to reframe these two concepts. :
If my message resonated with your ❤️ and Soul let me know 👇👇👇

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May is #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth
to launch #LymeDiseaseChallenge 2018
Alina Pfeifer, Mrs.Delaware 2016 takes a #BiteOutOfLyme to raise much needed awareness in 2016.
Attention @iamabfalecbaldwin
Your #mission is to create awareness by utilizing your creative talent, including singing, acting, athletic, and dancing skills #LymeDiseaseAwareness.
No #Missionimpossible here!
Alec, You must report to #SNL & #Trump your #LymeDiseaseChallenge bite. #PlayItForward to @tomcruise & #GoViral.
Be a #ChangeMaker & #HopeSpreader like @Allyhilfiger & UK Philanthropist & #Warrior @JohnCaudwell.
Report to www.lymediseasechallenge.org or @Lymediseasechallenge for your instructions.
#GetLymeSmart #PreventionIsKey
#LymeIsEverywhere #Survivor #ChildrenLosingTheirChildhoods
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It’s Fashion Revolution Week! We ❤️ fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet 🌎! Let’s take action. Rather than buying new, fall back in love with the clothes you already own. SHARE YOUR STORY, or write a love ❤️ letter about an item of clothing that means a lot to you. Tag #thecloseteur #fashionrevolution! #fashrev #sustainablefashion #fashionforgood #fastfashion #changemaker #gamechanger #rewear #fashionlovestory

When @tyeal is not working at her 9-5 at @createcultivate one the biggest women’s conferences to date she is making boss moves as the creator of @bosshoodpod. @bosshoodpod is a podcast empowering go-getters on their journey to becoming a BOSS 🏆 Click the link in my bio under MTM blog post to read her story!

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Our final @townhallpeople Takeover...Day 7/7: “The ones who think they are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do…” 🙌🏽
This quote is one of our favourites. It’s not hard to make a change in the world, whether it changes one life or a million – it’s still a positive change. Our vision is to create a community of people who want to challenge themselves for the better and have a deep, passionate drive to make a real difference, not just talk about it, which is why we are so honoured to be a part of the @Townhallpeople community. 😊
We started OFL as just an idea written down 5 years ago. Without any proper ‘charity’ experience we just learnt as we went on and its definitely been a rollercoaster ride however, there is no better feeling knowing you have changed someone’s life. Their smiles, their gratitude, the dancing & singing as a token of appreciation, the endless hugs and handshakes because they appreciate everything that ‘we’ as a tribe have done to help them….That is what this whole journey is about! Plus we’ve personally had some of the most amazing experiences along the way.
And on a final note for our last day of our TOWNHALL takeover, we’d love to share with you our video ‘Thirsty for Change’ 👉🏽https://vimeo.com/152044062 👈🏽
So that’s a wrap for the OFL Townhall Takeover! We’ve loved sharing with you our journey and hope we’ve ignited some inspiration within you to be or continue to be a do-gooder & changemaker! .
For more information check out www.oflcharity.com or let us know if u have any questions.... Bye bye from Team OFL! 💦

Friends, we have such great news!! One of our amazing supporters, Dana, offered to provide our new BUS-iness plan with a matching grant. What this means is, if we raise $1,000 over the next week, then she will match it, totaling $2,000 towards the BUS-iness of our dreams! We would love it if you would join us and help make this happen. You can click the link in our bio to join.

Junior Achievement of San Diego County needs your help! Next Monday (April 30th) they need 5 volunteers to work each of the shops in a financial literacy simulation of the "real world" for 5th graders.

Sign up for the Biztown Buddies project on our calendar!

If you’re in the #LA area, join us at the 2018 Spring Civic and Social Entrepreneurship Summit on the #csula campus! And we still need volunteers :). Click on the link below to RSVP and get info on volunteering. Hope to see you there!
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We’re looking for kiddos to represent @theablefable motto #wereallable
Fun fact, I am also a photographer! I want to tell your child’s ABLE story through photos that document their strengths, challenges, journey, and joys!
If you are within 3 hours of Nashville please contact me so we can set something up! You will receive 15-20 free edits for personal use.
Looking for all kinds of kiddos 14& under! 🎞
Tag a friend if you think they’d be interested!
Our #adore_able feature is @kriarwood

[INTENTION & GOALS SETTING] My number 1 tip on starting a side hustle whilst working full time. If you’ve master the mind, you’ve already won half the battle 👊🏼 #notsobasiclife . ▪️ Running a side hustle whilst you’re working full time is not going to be a walk in a park and sacrifices need to be made. When the time gets tough (and it will be, more often than you think) you would have to come back to WHY are you doing this in the first place and you need to WANT it bad enough to keep moving forward! . ▪️Whether it is simply to make some extra pocket money, paying off a debt or wanting to create a significant second income that will eventually allow you to replace your full-time income, be your own boss, work online and travel the world - it is extremely important to get clear on the intention and understand your goals. .
🎥 To find out what the other 3 actionable tips are - check out my latest video! Direct link in bio X

Women entrepreneurs have enormous untapped potential. BDC knows it and that’s why we offer the network, financing and management advice they need to invest in their company and grow. Our National team is ready to help them succeed. Visit bdc.ca and discover how we can help. #MotivationMonday
Les femmes entrepreneurs ont un énorme potentiel inexploité. Ainsi, nous offrons le réseau, le financement et les conseils de gestion qui leurs permettront d’investir dans la croissance de leur entreprise. Notre équipe nationale dévouée à assurer le succès des femmes entrepreneurs canadiennes était de passage au bureau chef la semaine dernière. Visitez bdc.ca et découvrez comment nous pouvons aider. #lundimotivation.
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What subject matter would you like to learn to win your first government contract:

A: Basic tenants of Proposal Development 
B: Creating an effective Capture Plan 
C: Pricing and getting the numbers right 
D How to manage a proposal writing team
E: Basic marketing tactics to attract government buyers

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Great morning from the CEO of PAD!
To support or donate please visit our website www.padfoundations.org. 🎓🎓
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#Repost @biaagcan
• • •
You won’t believe what this Canadian girl did to stand up for girls’ rights. Meet Arden, in high school she founded her school’s #BecauseIAmAGirl club. When she saw this dress at a vintage shop, she fell in love. She doesn’t want to get married anytime soon, instead, she wore this wedding dress to school to remind her classmates that not all girls have the same choice. Nearly every two seconds, a girl is forced into marriage before she turns 18, without her consent, and often to men much older than her. Sometimes all it takes is one small act to make a big difference. We're so proud that Arden continues to help change the story for girls. Will you?
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