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Does anyone else slowly turns into St Thomas Aquinas and St Augustine when somebody makes stupid comments about the Catholic faith?
Also just for the record, the Catholic church in communion with Rome is the One true and ancient faith. Pope Francis is a valid Pope, the Novus Ordo is a valid mass, and Jesus prefers Instagram over Facebook
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Now on #etsy: Saint Faustina Kowalska - Catholic saints serie - ceramic tile by @terrytiles2014 #saintfaustina #faustinakowalska #saint #catholicsaints #divinemercy http://etsy.me/2pu7leT

Ah, so awesome to be featured on @justloveprints Instagram today... To be clear, the titular 24-year-old future saint is NOT me. It’s Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati! ✊ Learn more about him and the phrase “Verso l’alto“ at justloveprints.com/blog.

The 23rd of March is the feast day of Saint Rafqa (June 29, 1832 – March 23, 1914), she is also known as Rafqa Pietra Choboq Ar-Rayès (رفقا بطرسيّة شبق ألريّس) and Saint Rebecca. She was a Lebanese Maronite nun canonised by Pope Saint John Paul II on June 10th, 2001. She is the patron saint of sick people, bodily ills and loss of parents.
Saint Rafqa was born in Himlaya in the Lebanese mountains. Her mother died when she was only 7 years old and she was the only child. Her father remarried and there was a discord to whom Rafqa should marry. She did not want to marry any of the men and entered the religious life when she was 21 years old. Through learning from her own mother, she had a great devotion to the Virgin Mary. She served as a teacher, and after witnessing and surviving a massacre of Christians, she became a cloistered contemplative nun in a monastery at the age of 39. She prayed that she may share Christ’s sufferings and she became blind and paralysed, struggling with deteriorating health and a large amount of pain. She united her sufferings to Christ, and di not complain. She wrote an autobiography at the end of her life, under the direction of her superior. At 82 years old she died and a lot of miracles are attributed to her.

The image is of St Rafqa as she lay ill on her bed in her later days.

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We should all love our mother.

St. Philomena, coming soon to a pillow near you. #saintphilomena #prayforus #patronsaintofpillows #notreally

#tbt to Dr. Antonio Macias' talk on Monday about St. Joseph, hosted by @csa.baylor! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was such a blessing. #throwbackthursday #stjoseph #manhood #talk #lecture #prayer #community #reflection #saints #catholic #catholicsaints #catholicstudentassociation #stpetercatholicsstudentcenter #baylorcatholic

Cheesy ham and noodles while re-reading this gem of a book for today’s #lunchwithasaint and the brilliant defense of the meaning behind “The Sign of the Cross” by St. Francis de Sales. First published in 1600, it is a rebuttal of a treatise by Antoine de la Faye written three years earlier that attempted to reduce the power of this wonderful Sign and even dismiss it. This is actually one of four books by #stfrancisdesales and it’s a great, thought provoking read. As St. Francis responds to de la Faye in one chapter, where de la Faye attempts to say the Sign is just a shout out to say to others “hey, I believe in Christ crucified” (a profession of faith), St. Francis does a masterful job of quoting Church fathers who more properly testify to its power and even as a plea for God’s help ✝️ As he quotes St. John Chrysostom:”The Cross shines everywhere, in places inhabited and uninhabited,” and thus as Francis tells us: Can such a universal usage of the holy Sign be reduced to the profession of faith alone? In every Work...and in uninhabited places, to what end would one make this profession of faith where no one can see it?” As he concludes, the Church Fathers knew from this Sign comes a great defense and protection that we can “receive from it as a breastplate and shield in our trials.”✝️ I don’t know about you, but I have been guilty of a hurried-up, haphazard or half-hearted Sign of the Cross as I head into Mass on Sunday🙄 May I instead recall and revere the wise words of this great Saint and make the Sign of the Cross - appreciating this wonderful gift and deep faith-filled gesture for what it truly means. St. Francis de Sales, pray for our heart and mind to be opened and not hardened as we make this holy Sign at every occasion!✝️ #catholicsaints #signofthecross #saints #knowyourfaith #sparksthroughstubble

Reflection for March 22, 2018 via @thepassionists

Thursday of the fifth week of Lent

I Am Who I Am “The Lord remembers his covenant forever.” God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham.  And he commanded Abraham “You and your descendants must keep my covenant throughout the ages.” God has always kept his part of the bargain; Abraham’s descendants, including us, his descendants in faith, have not.
By Baptism, we entered into a covenant with God – and God with us.  And during Lent we direct our energies toward the renewal of that covenant at Easter.  The fact that we need to renew it annually means that we tend to forget it as the year goes on.  God is always faithful.  We slip into infidelity very easily.  Acknowledging that fact is healthy; presuming that we are perfectly faithful is unhealthy – like Jesus’ opponents in today’s gospel.

Meet St. Turibius de Mogrovejo, our #saintoftheweek!
St. Turibius served as the Archbishop of Lima in the late 1500’s. Even though he himself was a Spaniard, he boldly challenged the Spanish colonizers’ unjust treatment of the indigenous Peruvians.
May God grant us all the courage to stand in solidarity with the least among us.
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Another great item for the Easter basket that is candy-free: Tiny Saints Glass Bead Rosaries! No sugar, but still super sweet.

Saint of the day for March 22: Saint Nicholas Owens (? - 1606). Nicholas, familiarly known as “Little John,” was small in stature but big in the esteem of his fellow Jesuits.

Born at Oxford, this humble artisan saved the lives of many priests and laypersons in England during the penal times (1559-1829), when a series of statutes punished Catholics for the practice of their faith. Over a period of about 20 years, Nicholas used his skills to build secret hiding places for priests throughout the country.

His work, which he did completely by himself as both architect and builder, was so good that time and time again priests in hiding were undetected by raiding parties. Nicholas was a genius at finding and creating places of safety: subterranean passages, small spaces between walls, impenetrable recesses.

At one point he was even able to mastermind the escape of two Jesuits from the Tower of London. Whenever Nicholas set out to design such hiding places, he began by receiving the holy Eucharist, and he would turn to God in prayer throughout the long, dangerous construction process.

After many years at his unusual task, Nicholas entered the Society of Jesus and served as a lay brother, although—for very good reasons—his connection with the Jesuits was kept secret.

After a number of narrow escapes, he himself was finally caught in 1594. Despite protracted torture, Nicholas refused to disclose the names of other Catholics. After being released following the payment of a ransom, “Little John” went back to his work. He was arrested again in 1606. This time he was subjected to horrible tortures, suffering an agonizing death. The jailers tried suggesting that he had confessed and committed suicide, but his heroism and sufferings soon were widely known.

Nicholas Owen was canonized in 1970 as one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.
His gift for spotting unlikely places to hide priests was impressive, but more impressive was his habit of seeking support for his work in prayer and the Eucharist. If we follow his example, we may also discover surprising ways to put our skills to God’s service.

Thanks to www.Franciscanmedia.com

Today's Saint - St. Nicholas Owen. Pray for us!
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Happy Feast Day
Saint Nicholas Owen
Feast Day: March 22
Patronage: #builders, carpenters, #architects, #masons.

Saint Nicholas Owen, known as “Little John” because of his short stature, was a master #carpenter, who designed and built countless “#priestholes” in England, during the Protestant revolution. He served the #Jesuit priests and became a lay Jesuit himself. St. Nicholas was captured two times and died in the Tower of London from his tortures, never revealing the hiding places he built. He is one of the 40 Martyrs of #England and #Wales.
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Saint Michael 7 day burning candle ..
Protects and encourages you to make life changes that are required for spiritual growth. This Candle is dedicated to Saint Michael to revoke any envy & bad energy. #saintmiguel #saintmichel #saint #positivevibes #Pray #faith #catholicsaints #god #Envy #goawaybadvibes #onlygoodthings #candle #7daycandles #mommadiaz #diazMom #moms #momslife #burningcandle #goodenergy #positivevibesonly #badvibesgoaway #stayawaybadvibes #onlypositivevibes
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As we journey closer to Holy Week and Easter, Saint Collette offers us some encouragement to remain steadfast and patient in our efforts toward holiness.

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