Gathering around the ew and upcoming talent.


Slingstones&Stories has returned to #capitolfokai . Wednesday nights. Were all interested in expanding our slinging skill and knowledge. If youre interested in slinging, have any cuktural artifacts you might want to talk about, or interested in watching what might be Guams first sport--participation, observation, and sling lessons are free of charge. All are welcome.
Saina Maase for Ambros Inc, Access Transport, and Fokai Industries and of course all particpants for the longtime support

Standing Invitation.

In celebration pf Liberation Day 2018 --Tony San Agustin @chapino671 spent more than 6consecutive hours practicing, teaching and sharing slinginjg with children and peers

While he has barely been slinging for npt even 2 years--hes fast tracked to being among the top competitora at #slingstonesandstories.
This type of dedication is a large reason why


Thank you & SYM 🙏🏽🤙🏽 🇬🇺 #Fokai #Teamfokai #sinceeversince #fokaimusic #slingandsword #bjj #capitolfokai @13north144east @fokaistuff @fokai_japan @fokaifemmeachievers @carjitsu73 Always Familia ⚡️ thanks Dad for picking it up and sending the package!@tonybalajadia miss you all!!🌕

Scoring on sone Life Essentials at Toys for Tots yard sale at #capitolfokai

Tomorriw from 6am-12pm
at #capitolfokai


Come down and connect with @fokaifemmeachievers fokai for Toys for Tots
Christmas Toy Drive &Yard Sale December17 at #CapitolFokai

Wednesday nights at at #capitolfokai

Reigning champion Guelu warming up before the second edition THE FORCE SLING SERIES at Capitol Fokai every Wednesdays from 7-10.


Hafa Adai,Saina,Ma'ase and Thank You to all that made it over to Capitol Fokai for the Friends&Familia Liberation Day gathering. Special thanks to the Eastaquio, Shimizu,Quinata, Leon Guerrero families for always making sure theres food on the table, Will Byerly of Guahan Napu and Guelu and Crew for building and assembling the TheForce Sling Cage, for The Peelers Crew,The Kaddu Crew, Purebbred Jiujitsu abd Spike 22 for always being there,for The Little Giants who have always been a Big help and for everyone else that have always made a point to spend time and goodvibe with the homefront. Biba! Onra! Inafamaolek!


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