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“We were overweight, very overweight, gigantic, we were unhappy. I think unhappy is a big word. We also never really saw each other, ever. So I started with 200m. I couldn't breathe, but we ran, and then we just started building up and she said to me the one night let’s go do a trail run, 5km, and I said 'Ok, cool' but then it ended up raining, so we did it, but it took like 1h40m or something and then afterwards she said do you want to do another one and I said, 'ok, in like a month' so we started doing every month, just a 5km fun run, typical house wife runs and then it just grew and grew and then out of the blue, I dont know if it was by accident or on purpose she entered the 10km, and it just got worse and worse, we went from one a month to one a week, to 2 a week and then 3 of us entered our first half marathon in November last year and then after that we entered more and more half marathons and we did a 32km in April/March so we went to Cape Town with the Two Oceans, it's just grown and got bigger and bigger and bigger and we decided to do our first marathon, we entered Cape Town Marathon, and we did our first marathon in September and now Comrades is next, yay!”

"I run now because I enjoy it, I enjoy the challenge, but I started off running to lose weight, to get fit, get healthy. I started in August last year, I started off walking Park Run, then walk , run, walk, run kind of thing. Then my sister said she is training for Soweto Marathon, she is going to go do an 8km run, do I want to go do it, so I thought, 'Ok, cool', 8km sounds hard, but let me try it, it was actually quite easy, I actually found running 8km was a little bit better than 5km, so it was actually quite an enjoyable run. Then from 8km moved to 10km and 15km, then we started running with Graham, then I did Soweto half marathon in November last year and ever since then the bug has bitten, I've done 15 half marathons this year and one full marathon, Cape Town Marathon and then the next big thing is Kaapsehoop and Soweto Marathon, so a back to back marathon"

"My late son always encouraged me to run, he passed on in 2011 and he always said to me, "Mommy, even just do 5km, you can do it!" He had so much faith in me, and I always thought, 'Me run?' it's something I never thought I could do, but for me it was more about dealing with the loss and the pain because nothing else could help me to get through the pain. Last year in October 2016 I decided, 'you know what, I'm going to do this. He had so much faith in me that I can actually do this, I'm going for it'. My first race was Wits Kudus 15km. I did it. It was hard. It was raining. After that I never looked back. I got off antidepressants, because now I found another way of dealing with my pain and as I'm telling you now, running has been the best decision that I ever took. Then in September I decided to do my first marathon, I didn’t think it was going to be so hard, I went all the way to Cape Town, first flight, first everything, and yeah I finished in 6h15m and for me it was just tears because all I could think about is my son, he believed in me so much that I doubted myself."

I suppose these are my signature poses, double thumbs up and double bicep. I refuse to run and not have fun be it road or trails. Cape Town marathon was on point despite the tired legs from the 22km trail the day before I still had an awesome run, can't really say the same about SABS Jacaranda Challenge as everything about that race was horrible. Looking forward to Soweto Marathon this coming Sunday #TBT #ThrowBackThursday #CapeTownMarathon2017 #SabsJacarandaCityChallenge2017 #Marathoner #42Km #ItsALifestyle #RunningIsSupposedToBeFun #ImproveNotImpress #CompleteAndNotCompete #IRunForPersonalAccomplishment #IRunForFun #JetlineProperty #TeamVitality #EnduranceAthlete #TrailRunner #RoadRunner #MountainRunner #ObstacleCourseRacer #StrengthAndFitnessTrainer #ConditioningAndPerformanceCoach

"🎤Another one bites the dust" #capetownmarathon2017 #raceday #marathon #runner #running

My ma het altyd gese toe ek nog n student was. "My kind, moet asb nie sonder klere eendag op die voorblad van die koerant verskyn nie" ... Jammer ma #loveyournuts #capetownmarathon2017 #jammerma #running #gelukwillem

There is no greater relief nor accomplishment than crossing the finish line #TBT #ASICSFrontrnnerZA #asicsfrontrunner #IMoveMe #CapeTownMarathon2017 #runningmemories #photooftheday

Finally got the finish line pic... no matter how hard you train you will always push that much harder on race day, making those last few km brutal as your body then mind take absolute strain. Somehow you source that extra bit of energy... And when you cross that finish line it’s pure exhilaration!! #capetownmarathon2017 #finishline #marathon #42km #running #race #capetown #southafrica

It's race day ! .
I set the bar really high for myself at the Cape Town 10km so if I can't beat or better that time then it's no sweat. The important thing is that I'm here, I'm alive and kicking and I'm still trying 😊
#beatyesterday #capetownmarathon2017 #running #runnergirl #durban10k #runnersofinstagram

Almost that time again 💆🏻‍♂️🏃🏻🕺🏻 #ctm #capetownmarathon2017 #runner #running #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #inspire #motivate #grind #nike

Got to finish another Marathon with this lady! Thanks for the support out there @ilhaamac and couldnt help but notice the inspiration you give to all the people out on the road...a true champ! #running #briningpeopletogether #capetownmarathon #capetownmarathon2017 #edgemeadrunners #medals #havingfun

So one thing's for sure, I'm definitely not the most glamorous runner 😂 but, I am still freakin' proud of myself for completing my first marathon (5hrs6mins) 😊 My right shin bugged me for the first 4kms 😏, but after that I had a lovely run and with no post run pain or stiffness at all 💪🏻🙂 Go forth and conquer those dreams! ✨
Thanks Jetline for the photos 📸
#plantpowered #poweredbyplants #veganfitness #veganrunner #vegan #whatveganslooklike #runner #borntorun #fitness #capetown #ctm2017 #capetownmarathon2017 #sanlamcapetownmarathon2017 #nofilterlife

Bottom picture was before the #marathon and top picture is the end of it! #capetownmarathon2017 we both finished really well (This was Kate’s first marathon!! Go Kate!!) #sanlam #capetown #southafrica

Finish line pics from the #capetownmarathon2017 #ctmarathonmemories

When I was in Cape Town I finally got to meet this bubbly, trail addicted friend of mine @trailjunkie_ . She is always taking awesome pictures up in the mountains when training , she practically lives there. Lol See you at the Two Oceans Trail Run #CapeTownMarathon2017 #PeaceTrailRun #WomanAppreciationWednesday #TrailRunners #MountainRunners #LoveForNatureAndTheWilderness #ItsALifestyle

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