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Are you guys ready? CanPlan version 3 is almost here! Sign up to get notified about when our @kickstarter project goes live (link in bio) 👍🏻
Shoutout to @anielamcg @supercw @rdulay @jessfightwin @francesiverson for the AMAZING VIDEO TESTIMONIALS 😭 also to @balletmeli @know.understand.believe for the constant support ❤️❤️

Just 2 more days until our #kickstarter goes live ❤️ Scroll through some of these sample pages to see why we’re SO EXCITED to release the new version. Monthly calendar has a built in habits tracker and end of the day reflection score tracker so you get a birds eye view of how well your month went 👍🏻 Sign up to get notified about when the project goes live (link in bio)

I hope you guys are ready. 5 more days until you can preorder CanPlan Cancer Planner VERSION 3 on @kickstarter 👍🏻 Sign up to get notified about when the project goes live to get early bird pricing (link in bio) #CanPlan #RoadmaptoRecovery

People have shared with me their frustrations over not knowing what to say or do when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Our gift boxes solve that problem: we select our items that actually alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment AND that are beautiful. From our lovely little jar of skin salve to the beautiful box that holds the gifts, we have carefully thought through the needs of a cancer warrior. #lucentgift #treatherwithdignity #cancertreatmentgifts #chemocare #chemogift #cancergift

It's listed! My first Cancer Sucks piñata shaped like a breast cancer cell! Microbiology and autoimmune diseases are both important to me having studied one in college and have had my share of the other. And just like everyone else, my family has been touched by it too. So I'm super proud of this design. I hope you like it too! Link to my shop is in bio. *
#etsy #papergoods #breastcancer #piñata #cancergift #papermache

These fabulous cards are all back in stock. Perfect messages of friendship, empathy and care with a little humour and showing real insight into the experiences faced by those going through cancer diagnosis and treatment. Designed by Emily McDowell who has herself faced cancer, there’s a card here to say just what’s needed when you’re not quite sure just what to say. To find them, search ‘empathy’ on our website. Link in bio.
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I can-cer vive beer glass. Do you know someone battling cancer? This is a great gift for them. You can order at wwe.schaeferinc82.com #cancer #cancersucks #cancergift #colorado #denver #denvercolorado #handmade #supportsmallbusiness #smallbusiness

What do you want to say to #cancer ? Leave your response in the comments below 👇🏻👇🏻

“In May of 2015 I was diagnosed at stage IV breast cancer with mets to my lymph system and lungs. At 39 years old with no family history of disease and living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and (mostly) healthy food choices, it just made no sense.”
Finish reading the inspirational story of one of our #CanPlan Ambassadors, @supercw , on the #WorldCancerDay blog (link in bio 👍🏻) How are you proclaiming #icanwecan beat #cancer on this day of global awareness?

Originating from a #painting full of color and interesting shades also reproduced on fabric, crimped, overlapping, knotted and flipped Foulair was born, a 100% #silk #scarf, hand-finished, available in sizes 70×70 and 90×90.

What you see is the 90 x 90 cm worn!

Why Foulair?
I didn’t particularly like the sound of the word ‘foulard’ and so I ‘revisited’ it, trying to evoke the #freshness, #lightness, the #sound of the #sea, the memory of the sea breeze, the sea always wrapped around.
To feel, as well as to see.
A #tactile version of … the sea..
#mom gift #etsygift #handmade #comosilk #silk #italiansilk #weddinggift #weddingevent #miamievents #chemioterapia #chemio #forwomen #cancer #cancergift #cancerwoman #foryourmom #foryou #foryourbest #bestgift

Fab new print on the website. Liberty Lotte: black background with splashes of pink, yellow, blue and white. I LOVE this Liberty print! FREE UK SHIPPING THIS WEEKEND use code 'HAPPYWEEKEND' #liberty #comfyforchemo #cancerhat #chemotherapy #hairloss #alopecia #cancergift #boldbeanies #bald #cotton #madeinuk #smallbusiness

Hello from the newest CanPlan interns! We’re excited to be part of the CanPlan team because we are inspired by the mission of this company and the strength of the heroes affected by cancer. We are also looking forward to contributing to CanPlan in this exciting time of growth! We’d love to get to know you better, so drop us a line below and say hi!

Caregivers are sometimes so under appreciated. Tag that friend/family member/loved one you want to thank in the comments below ❤️

“Cancer is not just a word;
It’s a language all together.
Cancer is not just a disease;
It’s a life journey.
Cancer is not just about recovery by medicines;
It’s about healing yourself from within.”

So excited for you to try out one of the new positivity exercises! The goal is to help you delight in the words that bring joy and meaning to your life, by finding creative ways to express them ❤️ Sign up to get notified by email when CanPlan v3 is available for preorders!

Here’s a beautiful & practical gift idea -a perfect combo to tackle the parched, dry mouth & hot flashes which are often side effects of chemo and equally perfect for a sporty friend for a hot day. ✨ Ice towel, infusion water bottle and a cute matching friendship bracelet.

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