Trying to use puppy dog eyes to skip to Friday #camstagram #mondaymood #puppydogeyes #doxiesofinstagram

when mom brings me to work, i model for @boathousesports. 🐾

when we get baths, we get wrapped up like a baby burrito 🌯 🐾

Fri-YAY! 🍩🍩🍩🥛🐄🐄
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#freshisbest ・・・ Still doughnut think Thursday is as sweet as Friday #camstagram

Thank you to my Team for that sumptous and enjoyable Lunch Date with you on this day!!! One of my Best Birthdays ever... 😊❤👍🍛🍗🎂 (P. S. Grabe ang Tawa natin... Parang walang tao 😂😂😂)
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Still doughnut think Thursday is as sweet as Friday #camstagram

#여유 🙋‍♂️
40이 넘어서 👴
잊고 있던 열정을 느낄 수 있었다는 것. 🕺💃
좋은 사람들과 함께 할 수 있었다는 것. 👬👭
사람들의 웃으며 행복해 하는 모습😀에서
나도 행복을 찾을 수 있었다는 것을
새삼 느끼게 해준 #노르디스크정모 🐾
고맙습니다. 🙏
Photo by @soominpapa_jojo 멋진 사진 감사해요.
네이버🍀에서 #노르디스크카페 🖱 click!
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17th April 2018 - 17.4.18
Reflections of a Recovering Backpacker - Part 2 of 2.
My life for the past two weeks has been an unwelcoming lot of admin. I have excessively cleaned a lot of my crap up at home (much to the satisfaction of my OCD) and chucked out a lot of stuff which has been gathering dust for last four months and creating dust for the last 5 years. This is only just the beginning of what I have dubbed “Cams life purge 2K18”. *Awww sheeeet brace yourselves for some hippie traveller BS*
Since my arrival back home I have been planning and thinking a lot about what is important to me in life and am starting to make changes accordingly. Life does not get better by chance it gets better by change. Change doesn’t occur unless you take control of your life and make things happen. Cam’s Life Software Update will be rolling out today with the following changes being made:
1. Reduce social media usage. Snapchat (already deleted). Reduce Facebook usage to one hour per week. Facebook app to be deleted. Instagram used as a weekly journal so I can look back and reflect in the future. If you want to get in touch with me either txt/call me, Skype, Whatsapp or message me on FB messenger. 🤙🏽
2. Read more! I never read. Reading sharpens the mind and you can learn a lot from it. I started a Goodreads account to compile all the stuff I’m interested in learning about/reading and to encourage my self to keep at it.
3. Exercise daily. Exercise to help manage stress. It’s good for the brain and keeping healthy.
4. Reverting back to my strict no candy, no chocolate bar and only 70%+ dark chocolate policy and NO fast food diet.
5. Finally, I will be setting myself weekly, monthly and long term goals relating to things I have always wanted to learn and do which I will be endeavouring to complete.
I’m looking to surround myself by like-minded individuals so hit me up. 🤙🏽 Post feat:
1. Me with my bae.
2. Bad singing with bae.
3. Pop-up Globe Shananigans - managed to catch the last two shows of the season. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 #happy #ukulele #changes #life #music #popupglobe #camdid #camstagram #camlikecamera

16th April 2018 - 16.4.18
Reflections of a Recovering Backpacker - Part 1 of 2.
It’s been bang on two weeks now since I arrived back home to New Zealand and time has definitely flown by very quickly. These two weeks have been a great time to reflect and look back on the past 4 months and 10 days, and think forward about the months and year ahead.
The number one highlight from my trip was the people. I meet and spent time with so many friendly, positive, happy, fun and often drunk (on life?) individuals who have each had a huge and positive impact on me. Many great memories were created and without these people my trip just would not have been as fun, insightful and amazing. To quote the late Christopher McCandless - “Happiness is only real when shared”. Having aligned my chakras and found both my self and inner peace, I arrived in NZ a semi-changed man, bringing back with me, not only life-long memories but much more, such as: - A beard. It makes me look older and feel wiser. - Malaria. - A bag of clothes twice as big as what I started with. - A scuffed GoPro. - A wife. - A bag of laundry. - No money. - A new and improved approach to life.
I arrived back home greeted by the doggos ever so happy to see me. I was also very stoked to receive both Easter eggs and Christmas presents. 🤙🏽🤙🏽 Slowly easing back into life at home I couldn’t not climb up Mount Manaia - my favourite place to visit in my hood, Whangarei.
Part 2 to be continued... #NZ #NewZealand #mountain #dogs #findyourself #friends #life #reflections #camdid #camstagram #camlikecamera

when i chew through a cord, mommy tells me to go lay down in time out.🐾 #OnlyAGoodBoySometimes

cheat day 🍔🐾

Holding my own bottle today / picking out my first wheels tomorrow #CameronJ #CamBam #Camstagram #wheresCliff

my mom brought me to visit uncle Elroy(@ericlegrand52) & his really big, doofy dog @diesel_thecanecorso. I’m may not look sure yet, but I think we’re going to be BFF. 🐾

my mom really likes Costco and found this XL bed for my little self. One day I’ll fill it up more 😂👑🐾 #KingOfTheHouse

last night I partied so hard at my BFF @itsmemilomoo house for his daddy’s birthday. I even took a pic with all the pretty girls. Can’t wait to play tug of war again when I’m stronger. I bet I’ll win! 🤪🐾

I don’t think this fits but I know I am a champion. 💪🏼
Wow look at @ericlegrand52 ‘s belt for the winner of his first annual 7v7 Flag Football Tournament on #Rutgers Day - April 28. Check it out @ njplaysports.com/ELFootball. Don’t miss out on a great day!

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