Happy Saturday! Since many artists try to squeeze their work in on the weekends, I hope your day is full of bright colors and creative inspiration! #hopeandeasel 📷: @maririchardsstudio

Hope: the movie!! Sound up✨🎉💨💨🌦⚡️ thank you @getdujio for lessons in filmmaking. #hopeisathingwithfeathers @cure3exhibition

|| PARIS || Day 46: I had a bit of a blunder the other day. A bee the size of my fist decided to do a little dance in my studio. Naturally I freaked out and tried to shoo him away only to knock over my cup of water and brushes, destroying my paint palette and soaking my phone in pink water. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened more 🤷🏻‍♀️
Share your studio blunders in the comments 😂 #reynaartdesign #the100dayproject #100daysofskies #colorcrushcreative

-Acrylic on canvas.
-I made this when I was 10, that's why it looks kinda flat. 😶

When you can only dream about the beach on Saturdays 🙊 Lets get that sun-kissed summer glow @dove ✨ Когато само можеш да мечтаеш за плаж през съботите.. и за прекрасен шоколадов тен🍪 Имате ли любим автобронзант?


Olive and Indigo are best friends.
They truly are.
Are you into earthy tones too?
Enjoyed working on this custom order for a lovely mama 💕
Have a great weekend fam!

There is something beautiful about the patriotism of the Kurdish people. Just like Americans, when you ask them where they are from, the raise their head a little higher before they answer. I resonated with them immediately when I first came to their country, because at the center of their culture is family. Just like us, they care deeply about the well-being of their family and how they prosper. I flew halfway across the world, and I still feel right at home. ✈️🏠

I’m taking a break from dying (that sounds weird but context...) today to do some chunky crocheting! ➿
One of the best things about crafting is that there’s always something new to learn. I’ve recently discovered the game-changing technique of crocheting through the back loop - ideal for creating a flexible ridge when making baskets - which helps separate the base from the body. Simple but effective!

Happy Saturday! Hope you are all enjoying your day 💖

Yesterday thesee lovely flowers arrived from @hobbycrafthq. I used the vouchers from the #DIYstories to get started with my next DIY.

I am really excited for this one! I want it to go in my entryway. Will give you guys updates when everything for the DIY arrives. 🌸🥀🌺
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